Floating Mug creative mug which does not pollute the desk etc even if drops float in the air

Enjoying the alarm clock in the morning and pouring coffee and tea into the mug when you want to chill a bit is a blissful time that everyone has sometimes tasted. However, if you drink coffee or tea with a mug, drops may spill from your mouth slightly at the moment you drink, and you may get stained at your desk or clothing. Combining mugs and coastersFloating Mug"Is a product that prevents spillage of drinks from spilling on desks and clothes by emptying the space between the mug cup body and the bottom.

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Floating Mug came in a little stylish box and sent.

When opening the box with a crackle, it contains Floating Mug wrapped in cushioning material.

I tried out the Floating Mug out of the box.

Two pieces of small cardboard paper are caught in the gap between the mug cup body and the bottom.

It is like this when removing cardboard paper. Floating Mug is a simple yet luxurious design.

There is a gap in the main body and the bottom. The bottom part is "Drip-Catch"As its name suggests, it" catches the droplets "is given.

The gap between the mug and Drip-Catch is about 9 mm

In the material of Floating Mug that American designers are particular about,PorcelinThe porcelain is used.

The owner of Floating Mug seems to be unstable because there is a gap, but it does not matter whether you push it with your fingers, it is quite sturdy and stable.

Taking it, the handle fits tightly to the hand.

I immediately put black coffee in Floating Mug.

I will also put black coffee in a common mug.

With a general mug, drops of coffee remaining on the mug cup edge dropped ......

It accumulates in the bottom of the mug, so it will pollute the desk etc.

On the other hand, if you use Floating Mug, even if the coffee droplets remaining on the edge of the cup are dropped down ......

It flows to Drip-Catch, so you can avoid staining the desk etc.

Also, even in the state of coffee, the space between the mug cup body and Drip - Catch is empty, so the bottom of the Floating Mug is not hot at all and it will not hurt desks and furniture by heat.

The space between the mug cup main body and Drip - Catch was a little narrow, so it felt hard to wash, but Floating Mug is a convenient product that you can use without worrying about dirt, unlike a coaster.

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