Various glasses of innovative design stimulating inspiration

Even though it says a glass with a drink, there are various kinds of drinks used such as juice, water, wine, cocktails, etc. But if you use a glass that sticks to the design rather than an ordinary paper cup that does not taste you can feel a drink deliciously . In that way, 22 kinds of glasses of a little unusual design that makes usual everyday fun are from the following.

22 Creative And Unusual Drinking Glasses | DeMilked

◆ 01.Botanical Glass
A martini glass designed like a roots growing.

◆ 02.BOULES Tumblers
This keeping the angle of the Naname is that it makes the exquisite angle possible by making the bottom of the glass heavy.

If you eat a leopard punch that is not a cat punch, there is not even one.

◆ 03."EvOlverre" One Glass For Every Drink
The head part can be removed, and the glass which enables four usage is possible.

It can change its shape depending on what you drink. This is a glass of wine.

For champagne.

When drinking cognac, at the angle of Naname.

It also becomes a short tumbler.

◆ 04.Crinkled Glass
Glass glass that was designed specially to look like a dented plastic cup.

◆ 05.HOPSIDE DOWN Beer Glass
It looks like the beer bottle is upside down.

◆ 06.Butterfly And Spider Glass Set
Butterfly and spider, a set of 3 glasses with spider webs drawn.

A figure of predation when superimposed.

◆ 07.This is [not] glass
"This is not a glass," so it is a glass of design like a ladle.

◆ 08.Plastic Cup Wine Glass
This is a glass-made glass with a top like plastic cup design.

◆ 09.Winestein
A beer mug that looks like a wine glass.

I will pour either beer or wine.

◆ 10.Champagne Flute
Cylindrical glasses and champagne glasses are doubled, making them easy to hold.

◆ 11.H2 Eau
It looks like it is piling up with the glass upside down. Only the top glass can be used alone.

◆ 12.Cipher Drinking Glass
Glass studded with colorful mosaic. Pouring a colored drink will float the letters.

◆ 13. Tag Beer Glass
Glass with tags.

◆ 14.HALF FULL Glass
This is a glass-oriented glass that looks full even in half quantity.

◆ 15.Mustache Glass
With a glass you can grow a beard and become a dundee.

◆ 16.Martini Glass
A design that added a sense of stability while maintaining the shape of Martini glass.

◆ 17.Denture Glass
Shuwa ~ and cleaning the dentures.

◆ 18.Swimmers Glasses
Children swim in the glass.

◆ 19.Glass Tank
It does not need to bother to pour wine, the design integrated with glass and tank.

◆ 20.O-Glass
Because there is a hole under the glass, you can pass paper napkins and so on inside.

◆ 21.Crowd Glasses
If you invert it, people walking on the ground will appear.

◆ 22.The Moist And Marry Glasses
Three glasses full of challenging spirit who dared to drink a taboo called a drink × toilet.

This is a wanko.

Even girls are in the bathroom.

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