A study result that insomnia can be treated when sleeping in a tent is revealed

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People who can not sleep easilyTo fall asleepToI do not see the alarm clock at night"To warm your body"I will not force myself to sleep"To massage"Sleep nakedVariousMethodThere are,Music that has been played more than 5 million times on YouTube by being sleepyAlthough it exists, when you can not sleep with all your hands you will be at a loss. However, it turned out that the tent is effective for curing insomnia by a new study.

Sleeping in a tent could cure your insomnia: Exposure to the natural light of dawn and dusk helps synchronize our body clocks | Mail Online

As for what this means, the light of daybreak and sunset synchronizes the body clock so that it is easy to sleep at night and refreshes in the morning and awakens. Research conducted by the University of Colorado showed that those who were exposed to the cycle of natural light for a week were easier to fall asleep and were awake at the time of getting up. Kenneth Wright, who conducted the study, said: "The main point to note is that our biological clock is perfectly synchronized by spending less than a week in the sunlight."


Electronic light has spread in the 1930's, equipment such as TV, tablet, smartphone is still affecting our biological clock. The biological clock is a period of about 24 hours, it tells us the time to sleep and wake up to the body, but artificial light creates a daytime environment even during the evening hours is a problem. Especially for blue lights emitted by electronic devicesWarned by doctorIt is considered to cause insomnia so much that it is done. Blue light emitted by smartphones, tablets, and PCs is also included in sunlight, showing the sky blue, but it is characterized by difficulty reaching the surface after the evening. Therefore, viewing the tablet screen will confuse the body clock with night and day.

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this timeCurrent BiologyIn a study published in a magazine, we observed the sleep patterns of eight adults exposed to artificial light at work and at home, and the time of the body clock was measured. And then he took a week camp at Colorado and a similar test was done. In camping, only natural light and campfire were the only lights.

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In the first experiment, the subjects tended to work until late at night and tend to get up at 8 o'clock in the morning, according to researchers said that the biological clock is two hours behind. However, after camping, the subjects' body clocks and sleep patterns are said to have been delayed for 2 hours with the sleep time remaining intact.

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Such time lag is caused by melatonin level which adjusts the body clock. Subjects who were exposed to artificial lights will have reduced melatonin levels two hours later, but decreasing melatonin levels by falling into natural light shifts to sleeping time zones making people easier to get up in the morning .

Some people find it difficult to do camping, but it is recommended for those who like walking in the morning, sitting at the window side, going outside for lunch time and hit the sun. And at night, make the light a little dark and turn off the computer and TV.

Regarding the influence of artificial light, Oxford University's research shows that agility of a person sitting on the window side is doubled compared to a person who is bathed in artificial light in the center of the room . Also in this study it is reported that 30 minutes of walking in the morning treat insomnia. This is effective also in people who are in the early stages of dementia, and it seems that we were able to improve the sleep pattern by burning natural light at the beginning of the day and improve the subject's intelligence by 10%.

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As for the light emitted by electronic equipment, it is important not only to hinder sleepStress level risesAs research results have also come out, it seems that you may try tablets and smartphones away once.

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