Is the cause of insomnia the iPad? Doctors warn of using PC before going to bed


From paper bookE-bookDuring the transition to Japan, even in JapanThe iPad whose release is coming soonToEbook readerPeople who are planning to use it in a similar way,VAIO type P"Or Sharp's"NetwalkerThere are also many people who are enjoying e-books on lightweight and compact terminals such as "Do not you think?"

One of the biggest points when choosing a personal computer or a dedicated terminal for reading e-books is the size that can be brought into bed and the shape that is easy to hold while sleeping.IPadYaNetWalker's latest model "PC-T1"Tablet type devices like this are advantageous in that respect compared to folding devices, and it seems that many people who are considering purchasing are assuming how to use for reading before going to bed.

However, considering health, traditional paper books may be the best for reading before going to bed. Experts ring the alarm bells that the light emitted by the equipment such as iPad will cause the human body clock to go wrong and cause insomnia.

Details are as below.Using laptops or iPads just before bed 'increasing risk of insomnia' - Telegraph

American scientists are warning that bright lighting equipment will confuse human brain and sleep patterns. Devices such as laptop computers and iPads make the brain misunderstand that "it is still noon", keeping the visit of sleep away,insomniaIt will increase the risk of.

According to sleeping experts, the human body clock usually starts entering "Good night's body" for the end of the day between 21 and 22 o'clock, but the use of the personal computer confuses the body clock . Biologically, the human brain is made to awake while the sun is out. This was a dazzling light in the morning was secreted during the nightMelatoninIt is because it becomes a signal to stop the secretion of hormones related to sleeping.

Electronic devices including iPad emitVisible rayOf particular concern among experts is blue light with short wavelength. The blue light is also included in sunlight, showing the blue sky during the day, but it will be hard to reach the ground surface in the evening. For this reason human eyes are particularly sensitive to blue light even in light.

Scientists say that better reading the old-fashioned paper book is better than resting the brain and improving the sleeping ability. Unlike watching personal computers and mobile monitors, when reading books on paper, the light of reading light hits the book's page and you do not stare directly at the light source.

"As a possibility, if you are using your iPad or laptop computer until bedtime, there is much that that light stimulates the brain and awakens and keeps you drowsy,"Northwestern UniversityProfessor Phyllis Zee, a professor of neuroscience in the University of Sleep and Circadian Biology Center at the University. "More importantly, the light of these devicesCircadian rhythmIt can influence. Circadian rhythm is the watch in the human brain that decides when and when to sleep. "

Of course, this is not limited to how to use it for reading, but the same can be said for a usage like playing games until just before bedtime.

It is better to avoid how to use a laptop such as watching DVD and internet movies in bed before going to bed.

University of California Los AngelesDr. Alon Avidan, Deputy Director of Sleep Disorders Center, says, "You can read old-fashioned books, dull-sleepy petty books with lamp lights, the lamps are bright enough to read books, not too bright Please be careful, so you can relax more comfortably (compared to using electronic equipment), "he says.

For those who want to switch to reading e-books before going to bed,Amazon KindlelikeElectronic paperYou may recommend a type of terminal to use.

In addition, the TV also emits a blue light and watches the light source when watching it, but it is unlikely that it affects the sleep pattern because it does not look at the close distance like the iPad or the laptop.

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