Research result that camp is optimal for refreshing sleep deprived body and making it asleepable body

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Due to long hours work and sleep disturbance, many people are falling asleep in modern times. I could not sleep because I want to go to bed, in such a case I got a research result announcing that "It is good to go out to camp."

Circadian Entrainment to the Natural Light-Dark Cycle across Seasons and the Weekend: Current Biology

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As the result of the research that the blue light included in the artificial light released by the digital terminal is interfering with sleep is known, the blue light is a sleep hormone which the human body produces at nightMelatoninIt hinders the generation of "and has the effect of" hard to fall asleep ". Also, it is said that sleep quality will also decline.

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In modern society where blue light is emitted from everywhere such as PC and television to smartphone, it seems that it is unavoidable fate to become sleep deprived, but due to insufficient sleepBrain plasticity is lost"Or"Causing memory loss"Reducing immune function"To make a risky decisionIt is clear from research that various adverse effects such as "come out" will come out.

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A study to say that 'camping is good' to return such a poor sleeping body to a fresh state is a biological science magazineCurrent BiologyIt was announced above. In the research, we initially recruited five volunteers and held a six-day camp in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in December. In this camp, not even electronic devices such as smart phones, even the use of a flashlight was prohibited. Also, in order to compare the melatonin concentration in the week I was at home before camping and camping, I analyze the saliva samples of the participants.

As a result of the analysis, it became clear that melatonin concentration improved 2 hours 30 minutes faster outdoors. In addition, it seems that during the actual camping period, I got to sleep about 2 hours 30 minutes earlier than when I was exposed to artificial light at home. Even more surprisingly, it was said that melatonin concentration was rising faster for some time after the end of the 6th camp period. However, how long the effect of increasing melatonin concentration can be seen after the camp is said to be "more research is necessary in the future".


In the second experiment, nine people camped in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in July at the weekend and the other five got spent at home on weekends. As a result of the experiment, the people who camped slept about 2 hours earlier and the sleeping time was longer.

These experimental results show that by taking sunlight away from artificial light, you will be able to take longer sleeping time regardless of the seasons such as summer and winter. Even if I can not go to the camp, I will be able to sleep for a long time, even if I spend the day outdoors in the sunlight at the weekends or leave the electronic equipment at night.

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