Is it possible for night humans to switch to morning humans?

People can be roughly divided into two types: 'morning humans ' who wake up in the morning and work in the daytime and sleep at night, and 'night humans' who wake up in the evening and work at night and sleep in the morning. .. Since general social activities are adapted to morning people, if you are a night person, you need to do your best to switch to a morning person, but it is quite difficult to fundamentally change your life rhythm. Live Science, a science news site, explains whether it is possible to switch from night-time humans to morning-type humans.

Can a night owl turn into an early bird? | Live Science

The first place and is a morning person, night-type human, most organisms is not limited to human beings 'have the body circadian rhythm in the directivity of the activity time based on the biological clock of about 25-hour period of', 'Chrono type Is called.

'People tend to participate in everyday behaviors that are chronotype-friendly, for example, night-time humans produce more at night than at day,' said Michelle Drerp, chief physician of behavioral sleep medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. I tend to exercise and socialize at night because I am more targeted and alert. '

And because chronotypes are determined by so many factors, switching from a night-time person to a morning-type person is 'possible, but not easy,' Drerup said.

For example, a 2018 study found that a person's circadian rhythm is genetically dependent. Circadian rhythms change under a variety of conditions, but this study showed that genetic factors also have a significant impact.

Researchers identify loci related to morning and night types by analyzing genes of about 700,000 people --GIGAZINE

Furthermore, in a study published in the academic journal Nature Communications in 2019, it was found that there are 351 types of genes related to morning human beings, which have a great influence on the sleep and wake cycle. I am. In other words, it can be said that the chronotype has a part that is innately determined.

However, according to Drerup, the environment also has a great influence on the determination of chronotypes, so it is quite possible to switch chronotypes by adjusting your own environment. 'People change their activity hours depending on the cycle of sleep and wakefulness,' Drerup said. 'For days to weeks, 15 to 20 minutes of wake-up alarms' as a way to switch to morning-type humans. We recommend that you move forward by a minute and gradually shift your sleep cycle. '

'Turn off your smartphone or PC screen an hour before bedtime to limit exposure to light,' Drerp said. 'To stop melatonin production, you'll be exposed to light as soon as you wake up. I also recommend that.

When exposed to light, the circadian rhythm changes significantly because it inhibits the production of melatonin , a hormone that regulates the circadian rhythm. In the past, it has been pointed out that the light of smartphones can interfere with sleep and cause circadian rhythms to go wrong.

The 'night mode' of the smartphone may have the opposite effect and disturb sleep-GIGAZINE

The possibility that the circadian rhythm will be disturbed by the light of a smartphone has been shown in a mouse experiment conducted in 2020. In the experiment, it was confirmed that the circadian rhythm of the mouse exposed to the blue light of the smartphone in the middle of the night was disturbed and the mental health was significantly deteriorated.

Mice exposed to smartphone light in the middle of the night turned out to show symptoms like depression-GIGAZINE

In addition, moving the body also leads to external stimuli, so it is important not to exercise at night in order to switch to a morning person. In addition, it is effective to finish the meal early, which leads to the activity of internal organs, Drerup said.

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