1 out of 300 people turned out to be 'super morning humans', what are the health problems of super morning humans?



Some people are worried about getting up early, while others get up early in the morning without any pain. A study led by the University of California, San Francisco, found that about 1 in 300 people suffered from the “ super-morning ” “ sleeping-phase advance syndrome ” that would occur early in the morning.

Extreme morning chronotypes are often familial and not exceedingly rare: the estimated prevalence of advanced sleep phase, familial advanced sleep ...- PubMed-NCBI

1 in 300 thrives on very-early-to-bed, very-early-to-rise routine | EurekAlert! Science News

How to Know If You're a Morning Person-The Atlantic

It is a common belief that circadian rhythm (internal clock) that determines morning type or night type is related to genes, and in 2018 a study was announced that identified a locus related to morning type / night type It is.

Researchers identify about 700,000 genes by analyzing gene loci related to morning type and night type-GIGAZINE

The research presented this time was an interview survey of the time that occurs in 2422 patients who came to sleep apnea / sleep disorder outpatient clinic. According to the survey results, 8 out of 2422 people, or about 1 in 300, replied that they would go to bed by 8:30 at night and wake up by 5:30 in the morning. It turns out that there is. In addition, 5 out of 8 responded that “there were super morning people in their families”. The rate of 1 out of 300 sleep phase progression syndromes shown in this study is 'significantly more' than previously thought.

The research team believes that these `` super morning types '' are caused by genetic mutations due to

new mutations in the embryonic stage after birth, and actually 2 out of 5 people who also had super morning types in their families It seems to have discovered a genetic variation. According to the research team, this super morning gene is associated with migraine and seasonal emotional disorder.



While super morning people have been shown to be associated with migraines and emotional disorders, research co-author Lewis J. Putakke said, “The ultra morning type has rather 'benefits'” Insist. Super morning people tend to not sleep too much on weekend mornings. On the other hand, the sleep cycle of the night type that sleeps late in the morning and wakes up late at night is said to be related to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The risk of heart disease is low.

In the following article, it is pointed out that the night-type sleep cycle has a negative impact on mental health.

It is clear that night type people who tend to stay up late are more unhappy and mental health is also bad-GIGAZINE

In addition, according to the news media The Atlantic, there is a prejudice that 'morning people are hard workers, night people are lazy people', so morning people have advantages in terms of social impression. The Atlantic also states that this prejudice is not correct.

Which is better, a “morning person” who is good at morning and a “night person” who is good at night? -GIGAZINE

But Putacheck also says, 'If you don't like to get up early in the morning, it's an exception.' A 69-year-old female patient once examined by Putacheck did not like to wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning when the other person had not yet woken up, and he seemed to have vacuumed every morning just to kill time.

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