Soft "MemOptimizer" which solved the shortage of memory automatically but it was charged but free of charge

Free software that automatically releases locked memory and improves work efficiency when memory increases and works freezing during work is called "MemOptimizer"is. It is possible to start on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 with software that became free from paid ($ 19.95).

For installation, effects etc. from the following.


Click "Download Now!" On the above site.

Run the downloaded installer.

Click "Next"

Click "I Agree"

Click "Next"

Click "Install"

Click "Next"

Click "Finish"

The setting screen will be displayed. From this "Overview" tab, it is possible to visually confirm the status of CPU and memory visually.

To manually optimize the memory, click "Free RAM" from the "Quick Memory Recovery" tab in "Optimization" tab.

When the optimization is completed, the following screen will be displayed.

On the "Memory" tab, "Automatic Optimization" which is automatic memory optimization is checked and recommended value setting is set, so there is no need to set it especially.

When the memory becomes small as the operation becomes slow and the work becomes impossible ... ....

It will automatically optimize.

Actually, as you can see from the graph below, memory is secured enough to work smoothly.

In the "CPU" tab, CPU optimization setting is also possible.

From the "Options" tab, you can change the setting to be set in the startup when Windows starts up, to set it to stay in the task tray after minimizing, to set the sound to generate an alarm after optimization, to monitor the graph monitoring interval, and so on.

Furthermore, for optimistic users who want to control more precisely, their own optimization settings are also possible from the "Programs" tab, and as expected, there is nothing more than a thing that was originally paid software.

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