I tried using a barbecue skewer "Sliders" that makes meat and vegetables sweet

It is likely to be useful during the barbecue, a skewer called "Sliders" that allows you to easily pierce stinging ingredients. I got something sold on quirky, so I decided to actually use it.

Sliders | Quirky Products

The package looks something like this.

It is one set with 4 pcs.

The length of the skewer is 14 inches (about 36 cm).

If you take it, you can see that it is quite a long size compared to regular skewers. I think that there are a lot of people when doing a barbecue, but since the point is sharp, let's pay close attention to the surroundings when handling.

The part of the grip is sliding type, and if you push it forward, the mechanism that meat and other ingredients can be taken out.

Although it is in winter, grilled meat is delicious whenever you eat. So I actually decided to burn meat and vegetables. Where you need to be careful not to pierce your hands when you pierce ingredients.

Kewpie 3 minutes There are many things like cooking programs such as cooking, and the things baked in quickly are here.

Whether or not the ingredients can be picked up easily from the skewer, the movie that I actually tried was as follows.

Slide barbecue skewer "Sliders" and take meat and vegetables from skewers - YouTube

A stopper is attached to the tip of the skewer, so it does not slide to the first part ... ...

The ingredients that you pierced first will remain. If you take with chopsticks etc. OK. Or rather, it seems who got stuck as it is.

One set is sold for $ 24.99 (about 1984 yen). It has a length and it is one set with 4 pieces, so it seems to be useful when gathering in large numbers and burning a large amount of ingredients.

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