I tried using "Brown rice cracker" made the world's easiest way to crack "survival rice cracker iPhone 5 exclusive case SV 3818"

The world's easiest-to-break iPhone case, which can be eaten one by one professional brown rice cracker called "three good days a day" is "Survival rice cracker iPhone 5 exclusive case SV 3818(3818 yen including tax) ". Although it is said that sales will be terminated without notice at the time of reaching the planned number in limited quantity, since the ordering iPhone case arrived at the editorial department, I actually tried to check the feeling while using it.

Survival rice cracker iPhone 5 exclusive case SV 3818

Survival crackers delivered here iPhone 5 case only SV 3818. It is tightly wrapped in cushioning material.

Inside the cushioning material is a sealed box.

It is an iPhone case, but the raw material name is glutinous rice and salt.

According to the official website, the probability of splitting by 9%, the probability of splitting when iPhone 5 is wearing is 76%, the probability of cracking when e-mail is sent 18%, the probability of cracking when friends touch 81% (very dangerous), volume The probability of splitting when raising up 50%, the probability of cracking when charging a charger 54%, the probability of cracking when irritated, the probability of cracking when put in pocket 89%, the probability of cracking when dropped is 120%, and anyway It is a very dangerous iPhone case that hidden the possibility of breaking in the moment.

So I will try opening the box immediately.

In the box, "Please note the best in handling in the world because it is easy to handle in the world". "If you cracked again, please enjoy it deliciously with Japanese tea after giving up." Apparently, the iPhone case seems to be safe ... ...

I thought I was broken firmly at once.

However, we have secured a spare iPhone case for such a time.

Opening the box ......

It was broken.

Apparently the same part is broken, apparently the weak point seems to be part of the lower right edge.

When unpacking the iPhone case, we will do it while unwinding the entangled buffer material carefully.

Taking out from the box looks like this.

The back side.

There is a hole in the upper part so as not to disturb the camera and flash.

It weighs 34 g and is lightweight.

It is 147 g when attached to the iPhone.

The case does not disturb the button on the side of the iPhone, such as the power supply.

Looking from the side like this.

Charging can be done without problems.

Operate while holding the iPhone with lightweight feathers.

Of course the phone can do so.

The probability of cracking when placed in your pocket is 89%, so you need attention.

Although you can make calls and e-mails without problems, when you attach the case to the iPhone, the position of the camera and the hole are slightly misaligned.

Therefore, camera shooting seems to be slightly difficult.

Also, survival rice cracker iPhone 5 exclusive case SV 3818 Puzzle using case already brokenReal iPhone Case Puzzle SV 381That's what exists. This is limited quantity, but free shipping 381 yen.

I will open it.

As for the rice cracker that was served well, there is more than one iPhone case per bag.

I actually try to retrieve the iPhone case ......

It was very difficult.

Even though I try to restore it somehow, this was the limit. Furthermore, when restoring the iPhone case, please do not use glue as it can not be eaten.

Even when cracked and giving up, or when you are hungry without being broken, you can eat it with burrigaly in an emergency such as when you are here. It is slightly salty, fragrant and rich crunchy, so it is likely that your stomach will be satisfied tightly.

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