The failure rate of the iPhone 4 significantly exceeds the iPhone 3GS, especially the display is easily broken

Apple's iPhone 4, which was released in five countries including Japan on June 24 and finally can be purchased on the same day as Apple, but the failure rate of the main unit is the previous model "iPhone 3GS" A survey result was reported that it greatly exceeded.

Especially the display is easy to break, but last yearAn example has also occurred that the iPhone's display cracked and the debris stuck in the eyeTherefore, care may be necessary for handling.

Details are as below.
Iphone4-glass-study | SquareTrade Warranties

According to the official page of "SquareTrade Warranties" that carries out warranty service for mobile phones, the failure rate at the time when about four months have elapsed since the release of iPhone 4 greatly exceeded the previous model iPhone 3GS That's right.

Compared with the failure rate of the whole hardware, the failure rate of iPhone 4 is 68% higher than iPhone 3GS, and it is said that 4.7% of users reported failures in 4 months of release. The percentage of iPhone 3GS users reporting failures in 4 months of release is 2.8%.

A graph comparing failure rates. Basically, the failure rate will rise as time passes since the launch, but the failure rate of iPhone 4 as of 4 months release is about the same as iPhone 3GS at the time of release 7 months and a half To

Also, if you restrict failures to display only, the failure rate of iPhone 4 is 82% higher than iPhone 3GS,IPhone 4 is easier to crack display than iPhone 3GSIt seems that it was highlighted.

A graph predicting future from the failure rate. "SquareTrade Warranties" estimates that about 15.5% of iPhone 4 users will encounter some trouble within a year from purchase.

Graph that plus the percentage of natural breakdown, which is not an accident such as display cracking, plus the failure rate of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 GS at the time of release 4 months. Since the natural failure rate itself is not so high, you can see that there is a problem with hardware strength.

As for the problem of body strength,IPhone 3G's white model in which the report "The crack had entered into the body" was received in several days in the beginning of using itI remember the matter ofThe iPhone 4's white model, which is difficult to manufactureCan we clear up such a problem ...?

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