From a real dog to a cat bus style, there are also pet-like cars wrapped in fluffy fur

The owner of the car wants to customize various things to his own specifications, and at the end of his desire I treated the illustration of animation on the car bodyPain carAlthough others are born, people who are exploding individuality with a different direction also appeared from that.

I skillfully use windshields and headlights and try to make it look like a dog, I cover all the car body with the fur of the Mumfuu, I arrange it looks like a cute pet with various approaches. If these cars pass in front of my eyes it will be sure that my eyes will become nailed.

Also the car wrapped in the fluffy fur is from the following.Shaggy Cars - Artsy Spot

It seems that a nihil dog with sunglasses is getting closer to here, but since it has a fine tire, you can see that this is a dog type car.

This isGerman · Shepherd · DogI like coloring.

Here is a slightly different specification, and on top of a pink car this also sets up a huge stuffed doll of even more pink poodle. It feels like a festival and it feels fun, but in this state it seems tough to drive for a long time ......

It looks like an anterior tooth where the bumper smiled a couple of times and is kind of anthropomorphic.

This is pretty close to the original car or trying to show it like a dog with a minimum of elements.

The whole body is also covered with this fur. If you are looking at the front part, somehowMy Neighbor TotoroThere is nothing that can not be seen as a cat bus that appears in.

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