"I'll eat it at anything" A squirrel like an acrobaticist who intercepts the bird's food with wisdom and obsession

As we always eat the bird's food set in the garden as a squirrel, we have made ingenuity with our own hands, such as self-making a feeder that does not let the squirrel out, or hanging in a place that can not jump from the branches of the tree England·HampshireMr. and Mrs. Carter. However, my own squirrel breakthrough was easily broken down, and it reached a tightrope to the food hung in the middle of the garden, and it developed to a wisdom comparison between squirrel and human beings.

At last the couple purchased a strong "anti-theft anti-theft guarded" feeder, and the squirrels got to give up despite the desire to look at the food and gave up and returned home, the couple who realized the effect gave the same feeder It is said that he bought more vines, watching the birds that catch the bait, while caught victory. However, only one "regular" squirrel who visits the Carter's garden many times a day kept challenging persistently, finally breaking through defense with obsession and body softness.

Details are as below.Real life Mission Impossible rodent breaks into 'squirrel proof' bird feeder | Mail Online

HampshireGosportA couple of Richard Carter (63 years old) and Sandra Carter (57 years old) got so badly at the squirrel that they preyed the foods that are set up for the birds who come to the garden, saying "Do not leave the squirrel" It is said that he bought a special feeder made by Gardman at 19.95 pounds (2640 yen).

At first, after purchasing one unit, seeing the situation, realizing the squirrel effect and adding the second one afterwards, Carter and his wife. However, looking at the outside of the window one day, he seems to have seen a squirrel over how to get in, broke through the squirrel and pounded nuts prepared for the birds.

Squirrel that eats nuts in a "mission-impossible" position. There is no impossible mission in front of a squirrel who is a vindictive one.

This squirrel is a squirrel of "regulars" who have made Carter and cousins ​​the most difficult, such as reaching a tightrope to the food hung in the middle of the garden before. Mr. and his wife also bought a feeding machine with a plastic cover, but that was that she was still swept away from the hole in the cover by rocking the whole feeder, and that she was still eaten.

Next, Carter wound a wire around the feeder and took a strategy to make it harder to enter.

However, the squirrel holds the wire and opens a breakthrough ......

It was very easy to get to the bait.

The couple now said they had given up comparing wisdom with squirrel, "I have to admit that it is a toothy but he is a very clever creature, I really admire that tenacity," Sandra He makes remarks that praise the prosperous hand. In addition, when explaining the situation to the maker, it seems that the price of "Squirrel feeder" has been refunded for two cars.

Jane Lawler, marketing director of Gardman, said, "Our squirrel feeder is designed so that squirrels can not enter and as many birds as possible are put in. It is occasionally broken by a lean squirrel Although it may take the time to eat the food of birds, it will become a body shape that can not enter the feeder, "he said.

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