A frustrating cat catching a little food at a time

Was the enemy who enjoys feeding next door envious and enemy, the appearance of a cat catching a bastard catching a baby was contained in the movie.

At first, although I was eating with the forefoot one by one, the technique gradually becomes bold, but the cat on the side being weathered is still weak or is not able to resist.

The cat 's way of handling it while watching a little while is from the following.YouTube - Impudent cat (Наглый кот)

A brown cat creeps up where a dark cat is eating megmog and bait.

And boldly, I thrust my forefoot into the food basket and I will take out one fish in it.

Black cat seems to be absorbed in meal and is not noticed.

A brown cat that stretches out his forefoot again whether it feels good.

I snatched another one and ended with mogmog.

I was staring at the brown cat staring indeed as I noticed a black cat also strange.

But without brown cats elongating their forefoot again ... ...

This time I will take away every bait.

Their owners who photographed this movie seemed to have smiled in spite of the composition of just a weak meal, but I feel a little sympathy for the weakness of the black cat taken away from food ......

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