A movie whose cat exhibits extraordinary obsession with potatoes

It is a movie capturing the cats getting struggling to pick up the potatoes that their owners had thrown into the trash can.

I have not heard much about the cat's favorite potatoes, but as long as I wonder what is driving the cat so far, I am desperately trying to potatoes with a rather aggressive movement.

For some reason cats in the potato are attentive to the following movies.YouTube - cat vs potato

The owner's woman who discovered the potatoes that were rolling on the floor.

Pick up and throw it into the trash can and the dirty container.

Did you catch something? A cat was doing.

I will try to remove the potatoes inside by putting my hand on the rim of the trash can, extending the forefoot.

I have been doing well until I pick up potatoes ... ...

I fell to the bottom again at a later point.

Try to catch a cat that can not give up trying to bounce violently.


Contrary to aggressive movement, there is no appearance of the front leg reaching potatoes.

Approach from a different angle.

I am taking a posture that almost stands up only with the hind legs. Anyway it is desperate.

Then suddenly jumped to get away from the trash can.

And why dash to the back of the room somehow. I do not seem to notice that the potatoes are rolling out to the floor with the recent momentum.

I thought that I ran away soon I returned and confirmed the inside of the trash can.

"That? There are potatoes ... ....?"

As expected, this time I noticed the potato on the floor and ran up.

The appearance that chase the potato in crazy is smiling,Solanin contained in the bud of potatoes is also toxic for catsIt seems that it seems to be, so please do not give the whole cat as it imitates the person keeping the cat.

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