Kittens movies ramping as if they want food and desperately appealing

It is a movie of a kitten that rampers like going for food as if she was hungry very much. It seems that this kittens were wandering on the street of Goa in India, this movie was taken after picking up a kitty and brought him to the hotel he was staying at.

Cry and gaze that appeals something may be irritating to cat lover.

Movie playback is from the following.
YouTube - Hungry Kitten

"Kitty, cute little kitten running around while singing"

I continue crying to appeal to people who are shooting.

I got caught on my feet.

Kittens desperately rising.

· Close ... ....

Urouro this time on the bed.

I will cry as I rise to the table and appeal again.

As I raised the food, it became quiet.

It was probably hungry.

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