YouTube Official Handbook that summarizes the strategy and knowledge of the number of movie viewers

"The YouTube Creator Handbook First Edition is a new material for partners / creators who present important knowledge, advice, strategies, etc. that will help you get audience on YouTube.YouTube Creator Handbook will be released with new features and tips Every time I update it, please check it bluntly "and the file published is strangely fulfilling.

YouTube Creator Handbook

The contents are largely divided into three, and it is a table of contents like the following.

◆ Configuration and Production
· First 15 seconds
· Call-to-action phrases
· Regular publishing schedule and frequency of publication
· Videos related to big events
· Cross-promotion and collaboration
· Analysis of "Peak and bottom"
· Production Checklist

◆ Publishing and optimization
· Metadata
· Annotation
· Playlists and video responses
· Channel page optimization
· Public checklist

◆ Community and social media
· Involvement of viewers
· Promote on blog
· Utilization of social media
· Global expansion of contents
· Community checklist

Each item has the required time and impact described clearly as follows and it is possible to choose an effective strategy in a short time.

For example, "15 seconds at the beginning" is like this.

The explanation content is also very concrete.

I have an example properly

Also practical methods are detailed and concrete, covering the effect measurement method after execution

"Uploading and subsequent checklists" that are attached as the last "appendix" can also be used excellently, from individuals to enterprises

Contents ranging over 72 pages in all are items that you would not know unless you are on YouTube, such as recommendation points and a little way of thinking, if you think carefully, there are very many items "certainly it is right" Although it is a strategy, although there are not many cases where all these were executed, if you publish a movie to YouTube but it is not surprising ... ... If you run it with reference to this "YouTube Creator Handbook" It should improve.

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