TikTok announces new creator rewards program, rewards calculation formula updated

Short video platform TikTok has ended its

Creativity Program Beta , a program to help creators monetize, and announced a new creator rewards program.

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TikTok's New Creator Rewards Program Prioritizes Search Value

TikTok started as a platform for short videos, but added support for longer-form videos in early 2022. Since then, long-form videos have become increasingly popular on TikTok, with more than 50% of the time users spend on TikTok watching videos longer than one minute.

TikTok has launched the Creativity Program Beta to help creators generate higher revenue by sharing videos longer than one minute. During the Creativity Program's beta period, TikTok has spent time gathering valuable feedback from the community to ensure the program meets the needs of creators.

TikTok has announced that the Creativity Program Beta will end on March 19, 2024. We have also announced the official launch of the 'Creator Rewards Program' as a new creator rewards program to replace the Creativity Program Beta.

The Creator Rewards Program uses an optimized rewards formula. Specifically, the new reward formula focuses on four key metrics: video originality, playback time, search value, and viewer engagement, and rewards high-quality, original content longer than one minute. It will be given. Specifically, the four indicators are made up of the following elements:

'Originality' refers to high-quality content unique to creators.

・Playback time
'Playing time' takes into account both the total playing time and the completion rate. Rather than favoring accounts with an excessive amount of video, the new reward formula will reward accounts with clear and engaging content.

・Search value
Search value is a metric assigned to content based on popular search terms. Content that aligns with in-demand search topics will also have high search value because it will be of high value to searchers. To find inspiration for content that resonates with viewers on TikTok, creators can use the recently launched Creator Search Insights tool to better understand what topics are popular in search.

・Viewer engagement
“Audience engagement” includes

likes , comments, and shares. All of these play a role in increasing the value of creator content within the program.

In addition to these four factors, the new compensation formula automatically rewards creators based on their account's ad value, which is determined by the community's ad watch time.

To participate in the Creator Rewards Program, creators must be at least 18 years old, have at least 100,000 video views in the past 30 days, and have at least 10,000 followers.

Additionally, TikTok has enhanced the Creator Rewards Program dashboard to provide the latest analytics and data, as well as more customization for deeper analysis of content performance, estimated rewards, exclusive viewing, and program eligibility. We've made sure creators have the tools they need to build their content strategy.

Each video will have a dedicated page with RPM (earnings per 1000 effective views) and number of views of the video in question, providing creators with detailed information on viewing trends, insights, explanations, and more.

Additionally, the Creator Academy, accessible directly from your dashboard, provides information about the program and its rules.

The Creator Rewards Program dashboard will be available to all creators who join the program in the coming weeks. The dashboard is intended to serve as a valuable tool for creators to identify new opportunities and take an informed and strategic approach to content creation.

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