"YouTube partner program" which money is made profitable with videos uploaded to YouTube, started in Japan

From last DecemberStarted in USA and CanadaAn advertisement was displayed on the movie uploaded to YouTube which was being done, and a part of the revenue is paid to the uploaderYouTube Partner ProgramApplication started today from today.

With this, even if you uploaded to YouTube, you can earn money even if you do not make a profit and you just finished with self-satisfaction.

Details are as below.
Started the YouTube Partner Program

You can sign up by accessing the following address while logging in to YouTube.

YouTube - Partner Program

There are three conditions that must be met at minimum.

· Creating original video suitable for online streaming

· You own copyright and distribution rights for all uploaded audio and video content

· We periodically and aggressively upload videos supported by a lot of YouTube users

If these conditions are satisfied, when applying for review and going through the examination, you can earn revenue according to the number of times the uploaded advertisement is displayed. Revenue is transferred via Google AdSense account, so you need an AdSense account.

Also, uploaded videos are supposed to be reviewed once by YouTube, so if you do not pass judgment, uploaded videos will be deleted, so be careful.

· Continued
Try to fully explain how to subscribe to "YouTube Partner Program" and how to use it

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