BIGLOBE stream adopts Google's "click-to-play video advertisement"

It seems that BIGLOBE adopts the example video format of Google Adsense and can be seen in the BIGLOBE stream. By the way, the advertisement at the end of GIGAZINE article became all of NIKE 's Google video advertisement the day before the World Cup.

People who have not yet seen Google's video ads may be able to see it if they go to the BIGLOBE stream. The address is as follows.
BIGLOBE Stream Program Guide Page

BIGLOBE Stream Movie category page (10 categories in all)

However, text ads and still image advertisements are also distributed besides video advertisements, so it is not necessarily seen.

For Google's click-through video ads, the following pages of Google Adwords are detailed. There are real examples as well.

Google AdWords - image ad format

Google AdWords video ad editorial guidelines


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