YouTube finally starts distributing advertisement revenue to movie contributors

Actually, YouTube has "YouTube Partner ProgramIt is said that advertisement revenues were distributed to creators who posted movies ranked highest among YouTube. Until now, it has been applied only to a small number of professionals, but it seems that it will be conditionally released to general users from today as well.

For example, users posting content that has been played more than one million times earn revenue of several thousand dollars (hundreds of thousands of yen) every month. it's amazing.

Details are as below.
YouTube Partner Program Invites Video Makers to Earn Money; Marketers Take Note

Partner Program Expands

Application from the following page.

YouTube - Partner Program

The conditions to participate are the following four.

· Be an original video
· Having all copyrights of images and music by yourself
· Uploaded movies are always seen by thousands of users
· Living in the US or Canada

...... When will it start in Japan?

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