YouTube has started testing generation AI functions such as ``comment classification'' and ``ask AI for video details'', and is also testing a random play button

YouTube has begun testing AI-based functions such as categorizing comments and having conversations about movies with chat AI. In addition, a test of the 'Play something' button that automatically selects and plays a movie is also being conducted.

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◆Comment categorization
At the time of article creation, YouTube comments are displayed in 'order of ratings' or 'recent order'. The newly tested 'Topics' allows you to view comments by category. To view comments by category, tap 'Topics' in the comment field.

Then, the comments will be displayed categorized by AI. Each category displays the category title and the top comments within the category.

By tapping each category, you can view comments within the category in order of popularity.

At the time of article creation, the AI-based categorization function is being tested for a limited number of users using English movies with a large number of comments.

◆ Conversation about movies with chat AI
A feature that allows you to talk to chat AI is also being tested. You can use the conversation function with the chat AI by tapping the 'Ask' button displayed between the channel name and the comment field.

When you tap the 'Ask' button, a chat field will appear at the bottom of the screen, with question buttons such as 'Summary this video,' 'Tell me more about the content of this video,' and 'Recommended related content.' .

You can also enter your own questions without tapping the question button.

As an example of a conversation with an AI, the answer to the question 'How big is the YouTube community?' is revealed: 'According to this video, a video about nail art was viewed 5 million times in the last year alone.' It has been.

The chat function with AI has been offered as a test to a very small number of users since November 7, 2023, and YouTube Premium members in the United States will be able to participate in the test within the next few weeks.

◆Random movie playback function
YouTube also tests the 'Play something' button that plays movies randomly. According to overseas media The Verge, tapping the Play something button will randomly play a YouTube short or regular movie. It is unclear whether the movies played reflect the user's viewing history.

Testing of the Play Something button seems to have started around May 2023 at the latest, but the official release date is unknown.

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