"Beyond my dead" PSP version of the battle screen and a part of the system is released, Makyoshi is more gaudy

Masterpiece of PlayStation"Shake over my dead" has been remade in PSP for the first time in 12 yearsIt was announced that it was announced, but some information about the battle screen and system was released.

According to the contents released this time, the system side basically took over the original version and additional elements will be incorporated in each place. The battle screen seems to be considerably refined, as effects such as mystery etc are more gaudy. Moreover, as for the voice actor of Itsu flower like the original version,Yoshida KonaniHe seems to be in charge.

Details are as below.Beyond my dead body | PlayStation ® Official Site

A "curse of seed" which can only leave offspring by the gods' shinobi, "a curse of short-lived" who grows at speeds of dozens of times of ordinary people and dies within two years is the main character and It is a goal to "beyond my dead corner" beat the vermilion Zhu point child who finally cursed the clan, with the base of the family's residence as the point of depriving the demons lurking in each place.

We will "depart" from the family residence to the labyrinth of labyrinths around Kyo.

After going out, it will be a moving screen by quarter view.

For PSP version, move is done with analog pad.

You can "run" with the x button + analog pad, but you will need to be cautious as you will gradually exhaust your physical strength while you are running.

In addition, time passes in the labyrinth, one month elapses when the flame on the upper left of the screen burns out. When one month elapses, I choose whether to proceed or to return to Kyo, but if I continue searching while running in the labyrinth or losing strength my "healthiness" will fall and at the timing of one month elapsed If the health level is zero, the suppression will not be able to proceed.

Since there is only one flame, the state where one month has passed since it is only a few days.

In addition, when the flame is red, "red fiery enthusiasm" is lit, when you encounter enemies at this time it makes it easier to get rare treasure. In the PSP version, it seems that this red fire may be lit multiple times, but what is going to happen is still unknown.

"Demon" is wandering around in the labyrinth, adopting the symbol encounter scheme where battle begins when touching demon's graphic.

Contact with enemies.

A battle begins when the screen is wrapped in flames.

At the start of the battle, the booty slots turn around and the last eye stopped becomes a battle item that you can get in this battle.

When three ★ and treasure are in the slot, a bonus will also enter the victory point (experience value) and the votive point (the point necessary for the ceremonial ceremony to preserve descendants).

Mushyu's effect was completely renewed, and it became more gaudy.

Captains are set for each enemy ally and you can win the battle if you defeat the captain without annihilating the enemy. Conversely if the captain of a friend is defeated, it will be defeated even if other characters survive. If you lose the battle, you will be forcibly returned to Kyoto.

If you win the battle, you go to the result screen and the victory points and votive points you have acquired, spoils, loot, money, the necessary victory points before the next growth are displayed.

Also, when the character grows up, you can check the parameters you've uploaded.

Even if you create a new mystery, it will be displayed here.

The family intersects with God by "a ceremonial ceremony" and leaves descendants. As the story goes forward, we will be able to do even more powerful gods and ceremonial ceremonies, but this time the 8th pillar gods are selectable from the beginning.

Yaizu no yakuza

Kashima dragon

Usa Chaco Maru

Kuro-Hayasay Kanehiko

Sasara Flame

Spirit fireflies

Maiko Bato

Orient trees

Its flower voice actor is the same as the original versionYoshida KonaniIs in charge.

The expression also moves abundantly.

In this presentation, although the basic system succeeded to the original version, it was found that refining was done in various places, but in big places it was "a soul" using ad hoc communication and " Level up "and other details are unpublished, and other information is also awaited for information disclosure.

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