Opening up a newly drawn up character setting picture and opening story with Baan, revive with PSP "Go over my dead"

The other day, masterpiece RPG released in PS in 1999 "Cross over my dead body"ButIt will be renewed in PSPI made an article, but a new report has come in.

The information released this time includes the person who seems to be a new character, the newly drawn up character setting picture and contents of the opening story. In addition, the opening movie that was in the original version is also prepared in a form optimized for PSP, and it is content which makes it impossible to wait for the fall of 2011 from now.

The follow up to the PSP version "Over my dead" is from the following.◆ Character setting picture

A character setting picture newly drawn up by Mr. Masami Sasimi who is in charge of character design has been released. How do these characters participate in the story?

A boy who puts a ring on his head and wings grew. It resembles Huanggawa people, but ... ....

Is this long-haired man a new character?

A woman who seems to be the goddess of heavenly world "Taiko Tomo Yoko".

◆ Character

Following the original version, the head of the first generation owner (player) who is the important character of the story and the devil 's head, "Zhu point Taji child" appears.

A swordsman "Gen Tauta" who is the father of the first principal and does not line up. I will lose my life with Zhu point Taji child.

First mother 's mother' Okele. ' Although skill and skill of Naginata are top notch, it is caught by Zhu point Taji child to save the child.

The head of the demons who bash the two capitals of abusive character against the hero family and who still has the capital of Kyo (Bako), "Zhu point Diji".

◆ Opening Story Outline

In addition, the opening story is also made public. Apparently it does not seem to be the original version.

The Heian era. City of Kyoto.

Due to the raids of the demons who are headed by Zhu Yodoji, the capital of Kyoto was being driven down on the verge of destruction. The famous samurai head to the Oeyama which is the base of Zhu point Diji, but no one has dropped a precious life without attaining its purpose.

While everyone in the capital wishes to overthrow Zhuziji Daigo, a pair of couples called Kota and Oshikari arrives at "Zenkaku" which is the residence of Zhu point Taji child. Even though the two struggle fiercely, Kota fell to a sneaky trap of Zhu point Diji, and the ring became captured in exchange for his own baby who became a hostage.

Zhu point child child also puts two curses on the baby left behind. One is a "short-lived curse" that grows many times faster than an ordinary person and is a "short-lived curse" in which life spans only about one and a half to two years after birth, and the other is a "short-lived curse" that intersects people and can not leave descendants Curse of absoluteness ".

Under such circumstances, the gods of the heavenly people who missed the power to stay in the blood of these two people, will rescue the family to the family. Instead of leaving human and descendants for "cursed seeds", they allowed to leave the blood by crossing with the gods.

The liberated baby grows as the head of the clan, and she will lie in the whirlpool of the unseen battle. We borrowed the power of the gods to connect that blood for generations and until one day their own descendants defeated Zhidijijiji and regain peace to the city today.

The story of yourself that the clan is weaving begins here.

◆ Resurrecting opening movie

An opening movie that tells about how Kanta and the ring, the origins of the family, faced Zhuzijiji and how the curse was put on the clan was prepared as well as the original version. In addition, this work corresponds to the 16 to 9 wide screen which the PSP possesses, and the animation of that time is faithfully reproduced.

◆ Title information

Title: Crossing my dead body
Format: PSP "Playstation Portable"
Genre: Generation alternation RPG
Release date: Scheduled to be released in the fall of 2011
Suggested retail price: TBD
Download version Sales price: to be determined
CERO: Scheduled for review
Number of players: 1 person
Development: Mars Ltd., ALPHA SYSTEM CO., LTD.
Other: Ad hoc communication expected
Rights expression: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

As for the original work as well as the original version it is possible to adjust difficulty such as "Arisato" and "Dopori" and whether Mr. Takayama Minami, who is familiar with Masuda Shogun's work, is also responsible for the voice of the Huanggawa people There are still more places to worry about. Let's wait for the next report while making expectations.

Official site is from the following.

Beyond my dead body | PlayStation Official Site

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