Remake edition "Beyond my dead" Publish a part of the professional system and God

A remake version will be released on PSP in the fall of 2011"Cross over my dead"about,Battle screen and field disclosureFollowing the part of the professional system and part of the unpublished God was made public.

In the last time, the dialogue at the time of "the ceremonial ceremony" which was only one kind for each God became to change according to intimacy, and the voice was also applied, so that we could create more familiar genealogy It seems to be enjoyable.

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In "Shu over my dead", the main character family is grown from the enemy Vermillion Zhid point child at a speed several dozen times higher than that of an ordinary person and is subjected to a "short-lived curse" that will reach a lifetime in about two years No matter how long the family members will die in two years.

I have to leave my child to keep blood out of my family, but because my family is also a Zhu point child child, "Curse of the seed" which is impossible to leave children with human beings is also put on, so " I will make a child with God by the ceremony. Only "those who are 8 months old or younger can do" the ceremony of sympathy ".

A system that reinforces the power of the family by inheriting the mysteries created in the battle by the "ceremony of the Shinkansen", and inheriting the developed ability, and having a high ability with the gods of high ability, "My It is one of the charms of Shinku over dead.

The ability of a child born is influenced by who you opponent God.

Gods chosen as the opponent will call out to us during the spirit. In the original version, there was only one type of dialogue, and remake version will change to four types as intimacy increases. By the way, the lines of Shinmu Koma will be as follows. In the remake version, it means "Gods ability grows up", so it may be related to this system as well.

· Do not expect much
· I do not mean you, I dislike you
· Good, I will do it with you again and again
· In the meantime, it will be a shame

Mihatsu breast is the four kinds. Producer Masuda Shogo says, "The most exciting thing in this voice recording was" God's speech at the time of the gods. "All the voice actors took out all the romance experiences so far (lol) I am touched! Everyone!

· Uhufu · · ·. Is it a match?
· My poison is sweet
· Do you dislike a cool woman?
· I want to swallow all over you

This time God has released the following 10 pillars.

Kumi gold authority

Fire-getaway child

Seven branches Takenel

Shinmu Koma

Tearing Ear

Mihitsu Breast

Haguro no Oya

Miya Fukushi invited

Water mother no kura

Matsuba no Oko

At first there are missing gods, but the way to revive such gods is to be disclosed in a follow - up report.

We will make children by these "gods" and "ceremonial ceremony".

Children will be born if you do a ceremonial ceremony.

First, I will decide my name.

Next to the name you will decide your occupation. Since you can not change the occupation later once you decide, you need to choose carefully. Also, by choosing the same profession as parents, you can take over the mystery that parents had.

There are 8 types of occupations in all, but only three types of "Swordsman", "Nagisa" and "Bow Used" can be selected from the beginning. Other occupations can be increased by acquiring items called "Ginan" in battle.

"Swordsman" uses a sword as a weapon, both attack power and defense power are high, and it has stable power. However, you can attack only one body in the front row unless you use mystery or art, and you must stand in front of yourself in order to attack. In the PSP version, it seems that "cream original weapons" is created and "formu- sion system" is adopted as a more powerful weapon by inheriting the original weapons in turn, but this information is to be released in the following news.

Select enemies.

It jumps in front of the enemy and it takes a knife by a sword.

This is one of the mystery of swordsmen 'Vacuum Gota Knife.'

The graphics of Mushyu have also been greatly renovated, and a flashy director has been added.

Nagisa wears Naginata and his attacking power is not high, but if he is in front of himself, he can attack all the enemy front rows. Also, even in the back row it is possible to attack one of the enemy front rows. It has a high defense power and is a very easy-to-use occupation.

Continuous attack by Naginata.

The mystery of Nagisa's "Shuang light ○ ○ sword". (OO contains the name of the clan that you have created)

In addition, this time, a new illustration of 'Huanggawa people (Kitsu)' which will continue to appear from the original version was released.

Huanggawa people are self-stated, running in the heavenly world, appearing as a spirit without entities, and teaching the battler's knowledge and the background of the labyrinth as guidance for the suppression of the clan. Although it is innocent and accurate, there seems to be a bit of a sarcastic shop. Character voiceMinami TakayamaMr.

For the release of autumn, information is also being released to the public, but there are still many unpublished contents, and as elements to be added in the remake version, the "soul" system using ad hoc communication and "the growth of the gods "," Clan original weapons "and" Tamaki system "are still known for their existence. Further follow-up is awaited.

Besides, "Breaking News" has been added to the official website, you can listen to the theme song "Flower", and you can also see the information released so far.

Beyond my dead body | PlayStation ® Official Site

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