Some of the masterpiece RPG, "The Beyond My Dead" is revealed for the first time in 12 years, some contents are released, all aspects are revamped greatly

Masterpiece of the PS era"Cross over my dead"The content of PSP version is being developed, so some of it was released.

"Beyond my dead" is an RPG for PlayStation released in 1999. A novel system that the hero is short-lived, repeating mating while repeating mating takes the user's mind and is still a masterpiece of persistent popularity in the PS Store game archives and the like. The PSP version of this time seems to be renewed by incorporating new elements while being based on the original version, and it is said that they are working on development with the same production team as the original version.

Details are as below. The hero's family is subjected to "vampire of curse of short life" and "curse of seeds" to the villain proponent Zhu point child curse, it grows rapidly and dies in 2 years, in addition to human beings to make a child can not. For this reason, the hero mates with the gods, makes a child, repeats generation change, aims to overthrow Zhid point child child.

The original version of "the ceremonial ceremony". God and the hero's family members will come and birth children, that child will become the next generation hero.

By proceeding with the story, it becomes possible to mate with stronger gods, and the hero's family becomes stronger each time. thisDerby StallionGradually mating and RPG story nicely accorded with each other, and the original version became a hit movie that recorded sales of about 400,000 books including Game Archives' DL.

A genealogy of the original version. In this way I will build generations and strengthen my family.

Also this time PSP versionMasuda MasudaMr. is in charge of game design again, to developAlpha SystemMr. Masashi Sajima in character design, Mr. Ryoko Kiyohara as a music director, has been made with the same staff as the original version.

Mr. Masuda Shoga of game design.

In the PSP version, while inheriting the original version 2D taste, the graphics are renewed. This is the original version battle screen.

Character graphics of enemies and ally have also been refined, making it a more gorgeous screen. Also, the face of the character is displayed on the battle screen as well.

Event screens are changing greatly. This is the original version event screen.

In the original version, characters that were displayed small are displayed larger, making it easier to transfer emotions.

The characters also appeared to be more beautiful graphics.

The field has also been renovated, and the impression has changed considerably. This is the original version map screen.

And here is the PSP version.

The field map inherited the original version of the 3D quarter view, but in the outdoor field the change of the four seasons was folded.

Some of the labyrinths are added with new elements such as those with limited art (magic).

This is a map illustration illustration.

A map of texture as drawn with a brush, the Japanese style image is stronger than the previous work.

Taking into consideration the ability, genius and genetic information of each character, we select occupations such as "swordsman" "Nagisa" "bow use". In addition, in the PSP version, "creative original weapons" is created and "formu- sion system" is adopted as a more powerful weapon by taking over the original weapons in turn. In addition, 'joining technique' which extends mystery with parent and child is added, and it is becoming a strategic battle system more.

While details are unpublished, as an additional element, "Gods level up" element is added to God, which is a mating partner who was fixed in status in the original version, that the new system "soul" can be done in ad hoc communication. Additional characters, additional scenarios, benefits to the original version of the user are likely to be available.

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