A new element of the PSP version "Beyond My Death" "Reunion of Mystery" released

About the PSP version "Cross over my dead" released on November 10, 2011, a new element added in the PSP version has been released. The new element released this time is"Combining mystery"about. In addition to this, designs during the game have also appeared for the two professions "Kenpo family" and "destroyer".

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◆ Profession "Kenboshi"

Character design by Kenboshi (man). The occupation "Kenpo family" can be acquired by obtaining a finger's book of fists and taking it back to the base. In the original version, only the attack from the front row of yourself to the enemy front row 1 was possible, but in the PSP version, if you are in the front row of yourself, you can attack one body irrespective of the enemy's front and back row. In addition, the enemy front row had been attacked with a certain probability of successive strikes, and the enemy rear row was flight kicked to produce a blow. Also, even if you are in the back row of yourself, you can kick and attack the enemy front row 1 body.

Also a Kokeno (female). The armor that can be equipped by the Kenpo family is medium-sized among all four types (heavy, large, medium and light) armor, but it is characterized by taking advantage of quickness and often defeating the enemy's attack.

The attack motion of the Kenpo family enters the bosom of the enemy and sticks out the fist straightly.

The mystery of the Kenpo family "○○ sky feet". With intense flight kick, it gives a large damage to one enemy. This mystery is the PSP version and the consumed health level has been lowered to "2", making it a very easy-to-use mystery. In addition, the name of the mystery enters the name of the clan that you have created.

◆ Occupation "Destroyer"

Design of a broke shop (man). You can acquire the hammer's handwriting by getting it and taking it back to the base. We will attack from the front row of yourself towards the enemy front row. Among the eight professions of this work, it boasts the best offensive power and may swing in the air, but that blow is very powerful.

A broke shop (a woman). Weapons can be used as heavy equipment as swordsmen.

The attacking motion of the destroyer stands in front of the enemy and shakes it down against a huge hammer.

The mystery of a destroyer "Great earthquake xxx". It smashes the ground with a hammer and gives damage to all enemies. In addition, the name of the mystery enters the name of the clan that you have created.

By the way, these mystery can be succeeded by training from parent to child. However, it is necessary to acquire once again if it breaks once, so be careful.

◆ In addition to surgery

If there is more than one person who can use the same attack technique, you can use "combination of techniques" to double the damage effect. First of all, the first person designates the technique of attack.

If someone who can use the same technique is at the party, you can declare "join" here.

Furthermore, if there are people who can use the same technique, it is also possible to join in even more people. The greater the number of people to join, the greater the power of the technique.

Triple participation 6.0 times damage. It is a very efficient attack.

◆ addition of mystery (new element)

In the PSP version, it became possible to use "Joint" not only in the art but also in the mystery. Just as in conjunction with art, it is possible to activate if a person holding the same mystery is in the same party.

In the original version, parents can not use mystery when parents inherit their mystery from their parents to children, but parents can continue to use that mystery even after inheritance in PSP version. This makes it easier to use the mystery of mystery, and in some cases it is also possible to combine the mystery of three generations.

Like the art, the first one designates the mystery.

Originally a powerful mystery, the amount of tremendous damage of 5.0 times that of two people.

The effect of Mushyu has also been made to work in cooperation with two people.

The combination of mystery is very powerful, but in order to activate it is necessary to create a direct family of the same profession.

◆ painting shop

The painting shop is alive even in the PSP version. The figure is not an effect of something in the game, but it is a collection element. In the PSP version, in addition to "Beautiful Paintings" where traditional beautiful female characters were drawn, you can also purchase "Musha Picture" of a cool male character.

The image below is part of beautiful painting that can be purchased.

◆ God released this time

Negori 's twin squares. Attribute is earth. It is a man God wearing a helmet helmet.

Firecars Maru. Attribute is fire. It is a god of fire with spears, and it is a relationship of brothers and sisters.

Asuka Phoenix. Attribute is wind. It is a god of wind that brings back a relaxed atmosphere.

Yasaka Ushigamaru. Attribute is earth. It is a male god of soil attribute which made a figure of a cow.

Three star bad guys. Attribute is fire. It seems to be a rough personality, but different characters may appear by superimposing a spirit.

Haruna Kisenzo. It is the goddess of the soil and is wearing warm clothes.

Hero Hero Yura. It is a female god who controls a magical fire.

Higashi Kazuki. It is a refreshing wind god. Changes may be caused by repeated supervision.

Izumi Genji crest. It is a goddess of water that was good at recovery.

Natori No Drops. Attribute is water. The water capacity value is excellent, and it seems to be useful in the case of the Shinkin.

Although I can not wait for the public to release the system using attention ad hoc, the next report will be posted again in September. Because the reservation privilege of the PSP version "Beyond my dead" is also released, those who are considering purchasingThis articlePlease also check it. Also, on the official website,Twelve years ago, a sequel to the original version TVCM who appointed Mr. Kishibe Ichinoku actor to call a topicIt is also open to the public.

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