A new element added at the PSP version "Beyond my dead" is finally released

PSP version scheduled to be released in the fall of 2011"Cross over my dead"Finally, information on additional elements in the PSP version has been released.

The new element released this time is"Weapon making and memento"When,"God growth system"Two points. Although "I mekaku" is a game with a strong element of originally extremely involved, it is likely that the PSP version will evolve into a deeper gaming game with the addition of new elements.

My God breaking news ~ Ceremony of renewal ~ | PlayStation ® Official Site

◆ Weapon making and preparations

In the PSP version, we ordered a sword to the city's blacksmith and we began to make "weapon making" that makes our own sword. The inscriber's inscription is entered in the sword you ordered.

If you restore the city to a certain scale, you will be able to order swords to the best swordmelish craftsman "Swordswear" of the day.

Swordfuck is to make a sword according to the competence of the user and may become able to make a stronger sword as the clan becomes stronger.

By inscribing inscripts on swords you can name your swords.

In addition, this sword can be inherited by its descendants as "memento" after death of the owner.

The memento is getting stronger each time it is inherited, and the value as "heirloom" will rise as the number of generations increases.

Detailed information on sword growth will be made public in the next report.

◆ God growth system

In "Shu over my dead", the family of the hero is a "curse of seed" which can only leave descendants by doing the "ceremonial ceremony" with the gods by Zhu point Taji child, It is necessary to connect the blood of the clan by repeating the sympathy with God because it is subjected to "short-lived curse" which grows at speeds of dozens of times and dies within two years.

In the PSP version, by repeating the number of conversations with the same God, as the lines change and the rank of God rises, the genetic information which is the status of God rises.

"Flying sky no Maiko" of the number of sympathies 0 times. The requisite point of dedication is 8 points.

Mr. Noboru Boten no Koi 19 times. We can see that the parameters of the maternal gene and parent genes are generally rising. The dedication point has also risen from 8 to 5353 along with this.

By the way, the change in the dialogue of Maiko Bato is as follows.

· I will take you to the top of the clouds! It is!
· Leave it to the wind and dance
· The same wind will not blow twice
· I will pick you up when you die

◆ newly released gods

In this information disclosure, newly 5 gods of God and 5 gods of goddess, 10 gods in total have been newly released.

Inside of Yin Yang (Attribute: Tue)

Black iron Ukyo (Attribute: Saturday)

Diannoyeuma (Attribute: water)

Angry hound symbol (attribute: wind)

16th Nagareyama Fushimaru (Attribute: Saturday)

Ibuki's calm (attribute: wind)

Wakakusa Yamoe Moeki (Attribute: Tue)

Midori Onma (Attribute: water)

Reed cutting four nights child (Attribute: water)

Two front fans (attribute: fire)

◆ Occupation Details: "Bow Utilization" and "Spear Usage"

When a child is born by the ceremonial court, you will decide your occupation. There are eight occupations, each of which varies in attack method and status.

"Bow Utilization" whose details were published this time is one of professions which can be selected from the beginning. You can attack from anywhere in your own team and you can release an arrow to one enemy regardless of the front and back row of enemy team. You can equip armor to middle armor.

Bow using man

A woman with a bow

The battle attack scene. First, select the target enemies.

This is normal attack.

And this is a mystery "OO penetrating killing" (○ ○ ​​enters the family name that invented the mystery). The health level consumed is "2", but this is one of the changes that was added in the PSP version, and some mystery seems to be lowering the health level consumed so that it can be used without fuss even in Zako enemy warfare is.

"Spear use" is an occupation that you can acquire by acquiring "Spear guidebook" and taking it back to the base. If you put yourself in the front row, you can penetrate one of the enemy front rows and damage the enemies behind them. If placed in the back row of yourself, you can attack one enemy front row. Armor gear can also be equipped with large armor, it has become a versatile occupation.

Spearmouth man

Spear wielding woman

Normal attack of spear use.

The mystery of spear wielding "Million Year Old"

◆ Season

In "Shuffle over my dead", the seasonal change occurs, the background of the base, windows, dungeon selection screen changes according to the season.

This is spring.




◆ Seasonal Dungeon

Of course, the change due to the season is not just an appearance. There are dungeons that can only enter in a certain season. "White school castle" is one of them, a labyrinth that can only appear for several months during the summer.

It is a labyrinth of a terrible appearance.

The surroundings of the white skeleton castle have become marks of the old battlefield, and many ghosts are caught.

It seems that the castle itself is made of huge bones.

I can see the legs of a huge white bone.

◆ Effects of seasons and weather

As a newly added element in the PSP version, the weather changes depending on the season in a specific dungeon. If the weather changes, the battle will also have an effect, for example if "powder snow" is falling down the fire will go down.

This is normal time.

And this is a map of 'pouring down' state.

Several additional elements in the PSP version appeared this time, but it is not clarified what kind of function it will be about the "soul" system which uses ad hoc communication yet. Further follow-up is awaited.

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