"Pursuit of God of Souls" and "Spirituality" PSP version "Beyond My Death" New elements released using ad hoc

PSP version scheduled to be released on November 10, 2011 "Beyond my dead"Finally, the details of elements utilizing the ad hoc system were released. What was released this time, you can welcome the family of other players"Adopted"And will welcome the fellows of the other players"Separation", And can form a child with the family of other players, which becomes a completely new element in the PSP version"Soul"It is three.

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◆ New Element "Spirit"

"Soul" is a unique element unique to the PSP version, and you can make new children by interacting with other players' clan using ad hoc communication.

"Spirit" can be done by hosting "the party of the soul" (gossip's falcon) or by participating in other party's "spiritual feast". Children are bestowed only to the family who applied for "soul".

From the list of opponents' family, choose the person to whom you want to apply.

Furthermore, if you choose a character to be soulful from the list of your clan, the preparation of the soul is completed.

Normally, "votive point" is necessary to make a child with God and "a ceremonial ceremony", but "soul" can increase clans without using dedication points.

Like the "ceremonial prayer", a new child joins the clan in two months from his / her soul.

◆ "Adoption" by ad hoc communication

While playing the game, there may be cases where bosses that are not compatible and can not be defeated easily can appear. In such a case you can use the power of other players to put new blood in the clan.

In order to adopt adoption, it is necessary to organize a swap meeting or participate in the exchange meeting of another house.

We will adopt adoptions with players who participated in the exchange party.

Just by selecting a character to adopt as a adopted child from the list of opponents, just decide that character will join his clan from the following month.

In addition, it is treated as an adoptive character of the corresponding character because it is adopted for adoption. Therefore, even if you adopt it, that character will not disappear from your own family. You can actively adopt and make powerful clans.

◆ "Separation" by ad hoc communication

A son of a family with more than a certain capacity will become a god called "the shrine" when it dies, and will be able to interact with the family in the "ceremonial ceremony" as well as other gods. In "Separation", you can welcome the Shogun from other players, or divide your goddess into other players.

In the same way as "adopted", in order to do a spin off company, we organize "ceremony of division" and invite participants.

Like "adopted", I will choose the shrine I will welcome from the list of other houses.

The Shogun who greeted us with the ceremony will appear on the list of "Shinkin no Yakusa" the following month. Like "Adopted", when the Shogun sends out to another company in a separate company, it will send out an alter ego, so it will not go away from your own opponent.

◆ Parents attracting lords who live in the world of "My dead"

A powerful boss is settled in the back of each dungeon where the hero's family heads to the subjugation in the world of "Ikka". The bosses are hostile to people and gods for various reasons, such as those who have lost their ego due to the curse of Zhu point Taji child, or who have a grudge against a person for some reason.

One of the boss 'Kazu no Oyo'.

"Shiro collar" has appeared in the slot. Some of the bosses can be released by knocking down and robbing "Akano collars".

I will fight the boss with full use of powerful technique and technique.

Bosses change their appearance when given certain damage.

A boss with various features will appear.

In the original version, "Kotaro Narumi" who plagued the player with a powerful total attack technique.

I will tell you how the "red cat summer" came to make a fruit. By listening to what the bosses speak about each place, the truth is gradually being unraveled as to what happened to this world.

"Oe no-no-kamaru" with a form of huge petite.

Each boss has a powerful special attack.

Let's fight with the techniques and techniques of the clan you trained.

◆ Easier to use "family history" and "family tree"

In the PSP version, "family history" and "family tree" which can be chosen from the "year line" command are easier to use.

"Family history" is the monthly record of the family who recorded the main event.

Because events are recorded finely every month, you can easily refer to what you did when you last played. In the PSP version, the graphic of the character is also included, making it easier to see and understand.

"Family tree" is a genealogy of a clan that starts with ancestor, ancestor of an ancestry, and circle, and continues with consecutive cotton. Just watching the growing family tree, you can look back at any time you have played so far.

Kenta and child of the wheel, the first generation.

By selecting a character, you can see details individually.

In the PSP version, it also has an expansion and reduction function.

The background of the already deceased family is black, the background of the living family is shown in blue.

Before the ceremonial ceremony, you can check the character who became the parent of the character who performs the shinkin and the information of God.

◆ Personal hobbies and special skills

A new element is also added to the "Clan" screen that you can see at the base.

Below the age and occupation items, you can see the notation "Pet name: gambler".

Here is "good at: looking for lost things".

"Creed: daily pursuit".

"Precious stuff: miso" and so on, this one word setting has been added, the character of the clan character has been transmitted further.

◆ Newly released God

This time, 11 gods are newly released. This is the "Okuma Bakkure". Attribute is fire. It is a god of a volcano which shaded on the face.

"Peacock House Akemi". Attribute is fire.

"Miyoka Daikichi". Attribute is fire. It is God looks like a mirror kick.

"Shizen no Fukuro Ta." Attribute is wind. It is an incarnation of a shrine eye with red eyes.

"The moon eating night sword". Attribute is earth. Although it is God of the earth, the ability value of the fire is also raised.

"Before Nozomi." Attribute is wind. It is the god of a typhoon with beautiful long hair.

"Naebana no Snow White". Attribute is water.

"Mark Hit Hikaru". Attribute is wind. Fighting spiritIndraNamed after the name of, it is the incarnation of lightning.

"Maiden Kojo". Attribute is earth.MarlinIt is a god of soil clad in flowers.

"Shimosuwa Tomonori". Attribute is water. It is the incarnation of the dragon, and it is the sister's relationship with Kamisuwa Tsuyoshi.

"Ryoho Kamisuwa". Attribute is water. Shimosuwa Tsunemi's older sister, like her sister, is the incarnation of water dragon.

Until the release of the PSP version "Beyond My Death", it finally became about one month.Complete soundtrack 'One day will surely'The release is also decided and it is a place I can not wait to release more and more, but there seems to be a follow-up report still in October.

"Shake over my dead" Complete soundtrack - One day maybe surely "released on November 23, 2011

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