While sequel plans of different RPG "Beyond my dead" are being submitted, movements agreeing also within Sony

"1999 was released for the first PlayStation"Cross over my dead body"Is to explore a labyrinth whose structure changes every time a group receiving long-lived short-lived curses repeatedly alternates generations, someday defeating a drunken drunken child child ... ... It is a different color RPG work.

Coupled with a unique world view and systems such as "health degree" and "loyalty", it is still the most popular prologue yet, but now a sequel plan has been submitted and there are also supporters inside Sony It seems.

Details are as below.
I've worked on a game design for "crossing my dead"Masuda MasudaAccording to Mr. Twitter, following the submission of the project on the sequel to the SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment), it seems that the royalties for "sharing beyond my dead" were higher than usual.

Twitter / Masuda Shiji: I get a rogue tax report. It was a bit more than usual ...

And about the plan of the sequel, it is "not flowing". Of course, although it can not be optimistic because it is a recession, staff who wish a sequel to SCE's "cross over my dead" are tenaciously continuing the so-called "in-house adjustment".

Twitter / Masuda Shogyo: 【I Corps 2】 In conclusion the plan is not running. This scenery ...

The TV commercial at the time was like this. Because it was a CM of a unique atmosphere, is not there some people who remember, too?

YouTube - cross over my dead CM

A demo during the game is like this. The game begins from the place where a couple who seems to be able to kill Zhu point child child who leads the demons who attack the capital of Kyu is the first time to come out.

YouTube - Beyond my dead shrink OP Demo first half

YouTube - Beyond My Death Illusion OP Demo Latter Half

Even on major mail-order site "Amazon.co.jp", users are getting hot reviews such as the following, which shows that it is a highly popular work.

Amazon.co.jp: Beyond My Death: Game

"Delete players, Hello, Masuda Shogo of the game designer" is a surprising 136 pages of commentary starting with writing! From the thing that the game designer himself wrote all of it, it is informed that it is not a game made with hesitant commitment (PSOneBook version etc. commentary books may be thin)
It was a work of many years ago before playing and I was not expecting images, etc., so expectation and anxiety were half. Such anxiety is thawing in a few minutes, watching the opening movie. Tempoful Japanese style BGM brought in to the story with a gashiri, in a unique image as if the ink painting was the battle scene as it was.
The game system is also unique. Basically it is RPG, but go on a one month break, think about what you should do at your own mind. Freedom to travel with God to expedite using one month or leave descendants. Pouring the accumulated money into reconstruction, gradually the vibrancy of the town, the variety of shops changes, things that can be done increase more. There is fun like SLG to see how to rebuild.
No matter how long I live, I have a short life of two years ... That is the main character family. If it gets used to it, one person will die deadly one after another. A person who is destined to go to death will utter a word at the end, but since there are various kinds of this and only quotations remain in my mind, I will be touched every time even if I listen many times.
And the theme song of the game "flower" This is a very good song. Although it is used in various arrangements during the game, it is a famous song that stops fitting to the world feeling of the game. I can not tell this game without losing this song.
I wrote various things, but it is interesting and a little disgusting game. It is a masterpiece that many people want to taste!

Depending on internal adjustment and future trends, it is said that there is a possibility that a sequel plan will be realized, but what will happen in the future? Incidentally,"Beyond my dead" downloads and sells on February 22, 2007 at the game archives of Playstation StoreIt is possible to play with PSP and PS3.

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