Sales of "El Shaddai" which was a topical work from before the release was a good fight, digestibility also performed well

The first volume of PV released last year gathered very high popularity, besides becoming to see the exchange "I'm all right with such equipment?" "It's okay, no problem" over the internet,Collaboration with EDWIN Jeans Resale, figurative, comic, etc. Various collaborative projectsAlso,Finally open up to a stylish cafeIt is known as "topic work before release"El Shaddai'S first weekly sales figures have been revealed.

Despite being a totally new title, it seems that we are doing good, such as recording a good digestibility.

Details are as below.
Weekly Soft & Hard Sell Through Ranking (25 April - 1 May 2011) | Ranking this Week | Media Creation

According to the Weekly Soft & Hard Sell-through ranking of April 25 - May 1, 2011 announced by Media Creation, a survey company mainly engaged in research and consulting on gaming business, "El Shadai" which was released on April 28, "PS3 version sold 58,105 books, it seems that it ranked third in ranking.

Software sales number ranking. The Xbox 360 version stays at 8823 books, which is less than 1/6 of the PS3 version, with the result that the total sales volume for the first week is 69,928.

In addition, Media Created revealed that it recorded a high numerical value of 78.98% on the digestibility of Elshadai (the ratio of the number shipped and the number actually sold), and it is worth noting that the new creation was a good fight You can know.

Play movie of PS3 version "El Shaddai" trial version is like this. People in Lucifer are playing,Ryota Takeuchiis.

YouTube - "El Shaddai" trial version play movie

The official page of "Ershadai" is below.

El Shaddai - Elshadai - | OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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