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Machi ★ Asobi vol.6 was held in Tokushima from May 3rd to May 5th. It has been said from the past that gusset assemblies are simply not "to make animation useful for the town of Tokushima, but it is a fact that animation is easy to gather your eyes, and many municipalities have sightseeing PR and I am using animation and Moe characters for the town generation.

Saitama prefecture is also one of the municipalities that put considerable emphasis, tourism PR animation in Saitama prefecture "Tourism Battle SAITAMA Sakuya's Battle"Has been released. There seems to be a kind of light PV, there is over 5 minutes per episode, and the content is the last hope for the unknown enemy "space inbounda" trying to hide the tourist resources of the whole world It is quite intense that SAITAMA challenges the battle.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

10 webcams in the world that are installed in great places - GIGAZINE

I tried returning to Osaka and Tokushima by bicycle using Wakayama ~ Tokushima route - GIGAZINE

Beautiful person clearly increases male stress hormone in 5 minutes with a bad, attractive woman in the heart - GIGAZINE
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The editor meets talent as a miracle that a comet and a comet collide with is necessary, so if you do not "jump before seeing" it will not be a talk. Conversely, if there is such braveness, is not it sufficient as an editor?
Hoshida Katsushi Ota's tweet. to this"Meeting the talent of the newcomer has a sense that is close to a cultural "mind". But without the preparedness to "die", new talent is not born into the world. Editors need to "die" as many times as long as they are alive."The fear of being "in the mind" with a rookie is solicited so that achievements and success as editors accumulate. Achievements tied their feet, and success shifts their feet away from the cliffs. And one day the editor will not die with a rookie and will die as an editor."Followed.

To be fucked with friends' wedding party with a bride ...: 2ch Copipe preservation dojo

A picture of a little funny manga one scene: it was awesome
There are some interesting works before and after this, there are some interesting cartoons only for this part

The severity of review of the App Store far surpasses abnormal 2-chan Working mono news: life VIP craftsman blog www

@nifty: Daily Portal Z: Stay in peace
Do not push yourself too hard ... ....

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Beyond "Shinkai" and challenge "deepest seafloor" Virgin (video) | WIRED VISION

"There is absolutely no sense of incompatibility w" "It is a very natural six pieces" Evidence that 12 fingers will not move, arrest a drug trafficker
It is not the feeling that this is anything like the sixth indeed, just fitting the hand size exactly and no sense of incongruity

[With image] Fish of unidentified unknown is found wwwwww! Is it? This site again?

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Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Yukke Tamami degree, the father of an unusual death boy two days after "what ..." - Society

According to my father, I went to "Yakiniku Sake Company Ebisu Tonami Store" at night on April 22. Since the boy had long been saying "I want to go out to eat grilled meat", I sewn between busy work and went out with only two people.
I usually ordered Yukke with other meat at the store. The boy had a chance to pinch but put chopsticks on. The meal ended in about 30 minutes.
The accident occurred in a boy on the morning of the 24th. It was fine, but I had diarrhea. I was too hungry, but I did not mind it much.

Bin Laden suspects unilaterally killing or not fighting intense battle - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Osama bin Laden, a leader of the international terrorist organization al Qaeda, was arrested Wednesday morning, a boy (16) living in the immediate vicinity of the mansion got killed on suspicion of being killed by a US military at a mansion in Aboratbad, I witnessed the Mainichi Shimbun detailed test of the evening. We have not heard the sound of intense battle, and the US military seems to have unilaterally murdered suspects in a short time and carried away the bodies.

East Japan great earthquake: War disaster article left by local historical researcher Iwate / Kamaishi - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Kun Ruro (Yurou) in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture (83). He devoted my heart to the study of ship fire shooting that hit Kamaishi during the war, but was a victim of the tsunami of the Great East Japan great earthquake disaster together with the municipal war damage museum that was devoted to opening. 66 years since the end of the war. While war experiences are decreasing, the bereaved families also donated the remaining research materials to the city and hoped that "we would like the future to be the property of the future".

NEVADA blog: Unit 3 whose temperature is starting to rise sharply

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G.u. Gueu HomePage
Uniqlo brand G.U.'s online store is on sale for the 1st anniversary of opening, until May 8th

Still Yukke, the yakiniku store suffering from the demand for resurrection: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)
Like puffer fish and oysters everyone seems to be what they eat after knowing the danger

I guess I should be thin with me. AtoZ

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IPv4 finished stock finally finding out the background and problems - CNET Japan

Do you introduce Amazon and tablets within the year? - DigiTimes coverage - CNET Japan

Household agency service sold out 100 sheets in 45 minutes! Things I want to know about the attracting customer who is troubled by "severe attraction due to low search volume ..." (1/3): MarkeZine (Marketzine)

ASCII.jp: Let's go to a castle nationwide and collect stamps "Castle Tour" | Must read! Android application

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"Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica" Animation Screening 1 to 12 Story Number of Visitors · Number of Comments Trend Graph - An Empty Box >> pikayan's Diary
The high degree of attention of episodes 11 and 12 is amazing

Everyday YOUGI: Videos that I ran a real car on the famous course "Gran Turismo" "Tokyo · Route 246" - ITmedia gadget

VIPPER な me: 【2011 summer animation】 Next year's animation is too fecal

"My sister can not be this cute" 8th release memorial Fushimi Tsukasa interview Interview Part 1 - Akiba Blog

Comic Natalie - A new magazine was born from Shueisha! The concept is "pure manga magazine"

It is said to be the magazine "not to be caught by age and sex."

that? When seeing the uncyclopedia, the stomach of the unicorn is the staple food! What this is amazing!
Voice actor'sMasumi AsanoMr. 's own uncyclopediaMasumi Asano - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia) When we suggested to modify the contents of the item, it was reflected quickly

Screenshot of XBLA remastered version "Guardian Heroes" is released 【UPDATED】 - Game * Spark

The XBLA remastered version Guardian Heroes will be delivered in the fall of 2011. In addition, it seems that development is in charge of the original creator Treasure.

4 Gamer.net - National Diet Library is at the forefront of collecting and preserving animation and games. In collaboration with the Agency for Cultural Affairs

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Madam Korea's mysterious group took first place in Oricon · · ·: News Watch 2 Channel - NW 2 -
What is the meaning of the current Oricon ranking anymore

What is between "Su-chan" and "Su-san": Nikkei Business Online

While idol for fans is a target to call with "chan" forever, idle himself means to grow with the passage of time.

A sweet monster and a monster come out, a sad novel

Al Qaeda was trying to kill Beckham! - Overseas Football News: nikkansports.com

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