Synergistic effect of price reduction and FF 13, sales volume of PS 3 in 2009 is about 260% of the previous year

In response to the fact that a new model with its main unit price reduced by 10,000 yen was released and Square Enix released the latest popular RPG series "Final Fantasy XIII (FF 13)", the weekly sales volumeSeptember 2009WhenUpdate record high in DecemberAlthough it is a PS 3 with a feeling that has finally gained momentum, it became clear that the sales volume in 2009 had increased to about 260% compared with 2008.

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This week's ranking | Media Creation

According to the research result of Media Creation, which mainly deals with games business, research and consulting, PS3 sold in 2009 has increased greatly to 262.1% of the sales volume in 2008. Although the exact sales volume has not been disclosed,According to the survey of EnterbrainIt is estimated to be 1,720,741.

IncidentallyAs of December 20, 2009 Wii and PS 3 who were competing for the top position of the stationary machine by 100 thousand unitsHowever, in the survey of Enterbrain, Wii sells 1,971,178 units per year, resulting in a dispatch of wrestlers to Wii by about 150,000 units.

According to Sony, the PS3 sales volume worldwide during the holiday season battle is said to have reached 3.8 million units, a record 76% increase over the previous year.

"PlayStation 3" Achieved real sales of 3.8 million units worldwide during the year-end shopping battle of 2009

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