Wii's price cut effect diminished? It is lower than the weekly sales volume of PS3 which has been one month since price cut

From Thursday, October 1stNintendo lowered the selling price of the stationary game machine "Wii" from the previous 25,000 yen by 5000 yen to 20,000 yen, On September 3PS3 which sold 150 thousand units, which is the best in only 4 days after price cutSales did not grow as much, and it became clear that the result was lower than the weekly sales of the new PS3 that passed one month since the price cut.

Details are as below.
This week's ranking | Media Creation

According to the research result of Media Creation, which mainly deals with game business and research and consulting, according to the survey result of Media Creation, from September 28 to October 4, 2009 which will be the week including Wii's price reduction on October 1 (Thursday) It seems that the number of Wii sold sold in one week was 35,392. In addition, the number of PSPs sold at that date was 52,155 units.

This is the sales volume from September 28 to October 4, 2009. First place is the Nintendo DSi which sold 53,293 units with the effect of Pokemon latest work and Inazuma Eleven latest work. By the way, the sales volume of PS3 which passed one month since the price cut has exceeded Wii to 37, 388 units.

Although both Wii and PSP sold 3 times compared to the previous week, it was only 10,000 more than the weekly average of 2009, and new models and new colors appeared It is said that the impact of time was not seen.

As a result of such a result, it may be said that Wii has sold over 8 million units, which is more than twice the PS 3 in Japan, so it is already prevailing.

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