Sales of Xbox 360 declined, PS 3 gained the 1st place with a 10-fold difference

last weekWeekly sales of Xbox 360 has passed PS 3According to a study by Media Creation Co., Ltd., this week it seems that the PS3 got the first place with a difference of nearly 10 times to Xbox 360.

Also, since Wii was launched, PS3's number of units sold ranked first in ranking.

Details are as follows.
This week's ranking | Media Creation

According to this page, the sales figures of each game hardware from November 5 th - November 11 th, 2007 are as follows.

Nintendo's handheld game machine "DS Lite" as a whole has 78,854 units, followed by "PSP" 58,864 units, and as stationary hardware "PS 3" is 59,524 units 1st and 2nd place are 30,4546 units of "Wii", 3rd place is 9043 units of "PS2", and 4th place is 5817 units of "Xbox 360".

As a background to this result, it was released on November 11The new model of PS3 has cut off 40,000 yen, And a new color variation "CERAMICHY WHITE" gathered popularity, and in fact it seems that PS3 has sold 37,000 units on the first day of release.

I mentioned that there is a possibility of being reversed in the previous article, but I certainly did not expect to reverse so far ... This is ....

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