Fate / stay night battle fighting game "Fate / unlimited Codes" scheduled to be operated next year

Famous visual novel "Fate / stay night (Fate / stay night)"Will now appear as a fighting game fighting against the arcade. the title is"Fate / unlimited codes (Fate / Unlimited Code)"It seems that the scheduled operation is scheduled for 2008.

Details are as follows.
"Fate / stay night" was released on PC in 2004TYPE-MOON18 No Autobiography of Production Novel Visual Novel. In 2006Animation, PS2 version was released in 2007, but now it has come to appear as a fighting game fighting against the arcade.

The content is the original story that the spirits and magicians called servants go fighting over the "Holy Grail" that makes all wishes of the owner come true. Original · supervision is TYPE-MOON, production iscaviar, DevelopmentEatingAnd, releaseCapcom.

The official website is below. It seems that it will open in earnest from November 21.

CAPCOM | Fate / unlimited codes Fate / Unlimited Code Official Site

Famitsu.comThe demo movie is exclusively open to the public.

Fighting · New game video full load Famitsu Wave TV

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