The number of units sold by PS3 has been increased due to price cuts and slimmer effects, sales to about 150 times the previous week's sales to number one in successive sales

In addition to achieving about 2/2 of the conventional thickness and low power consumption, the new PS3 whose price has cut below 30,000 yen was released on Thursday, September 3 (Thursday), but only 4 days after its release It was revealed that it sold the number that was the number one in the past sales volume.

Because it was a weekday,From the morning of the first day of release it was hardly seen that people were lined up in mass merchandisersIt seems that it was a new PS 3 thought to have started a quiet start, but it seems that the effect of price cuts and thinning seems to be bigger than I thought.

Details are as below.
New model PS3 domestic first week sales volume is about 150 thousand units - enterbrain investigation -

According to a survey of Enterbrain, the new PS 3 released on September 3, 2009 sold 155,22 units in 4 days until September 6.

Since PS3 was released on 11th November 2006, it is said that it is the highest number as a weekly sales volume, and the domestic cumulative sales volume seems to be 3.343 1964 units.

In addition, he is involved in research and consulting, mainly on gaming businessMedia Create's findingsAccording to the previous week when the new PS3 is released, the PS3 sold in the week of August 24 - August 30, 2009 was 1040 units due to the new type announcement and the shipment stop of the old type, so the new PS 3 It is calculated that it sold about 150 times of the previous week in 4 days since it was released.

This is the sales volume of game machines sold during the week of August 24 - August 30, 2009

By the way, according to the following link, it seems that in the UK, the sales of the new PS 3 became the rocket start which is ten times as much as the previous week.

PlayStation 3 sales rocket over 1000% on slim release // News

Tales of Vesperia "," NINJA GAIDEN Σ 2 "," BAYONETTA "," Tekken 6 "and" Dragon Ball Raging Blast "titled" Tales of Vesperia "and" Dragon Ball Raging Blast "were added to the Xbox 360 version with plenty of new characters, dungeons and scenarios. In addition, "FINAL FANTASY XIII"Gran Turismo 5Given that large-sized titles such as "yearly release" are anticipated to be released within the year, it is interesting to see how much sales volume will increase in the future.

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