Pet cat requested a new note from the bank as having eaten a banknote

If the banknote has been torn, it is possible for banks to exchange for a clean banknote, but there are some men who have requested that cats want to replace them with new ones.

If a cat eats a banknote, it is doubtful how to prove it, could he actually be able to exchange it for a new one?

Details are from the following.
Ananova - 'Cat ate 500 euro note'

According to this article, Peter Neumann who lives in Germany requested the bank to exchange 500 euro notes for eating 500 euro (about 67,000 yen) bills for pet cats. Even if you exchange it, the bank refused this request for Peter who does not bring 500 euro banknotes. Peter then appealed to the court and it was decided that a trial would be held.

Frankfurt Court dismissed Peter's request. It is said that it was impossible to exchange it with a clean 500 euro banknote unless the cut end of the banknote that the cat had eaten was gathered from the cat sand and the excrement to be known as a 500 euro banknote.

Peter said to the ruling, "I have searched over and over but I can not find it, because I treat cat sand everyday, I probably have thrown away together," but it seems that somehow he does not give up. Indeed, it seems reasonable judgment in this judgment generally considered, but if it is 500 euros it may be that there are things that I can not quite give up.

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