Brothers who are obsessed with penalties for illegal parking using the characteristics of identical twins

Despite being torn out of parking for many dozen times, there are still brothers who do not pay a fine. These brothers are twinies of identical twins, and that they use this feature and have been pardoning without paying penalties for a long time. It seems that the police and the court can not easily get out of hand, which is a problem.

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Ananova - Identical twins beat parking rap

Harold and Michael (both 38 years old) living in Switzerland seem to have not paid a penalty despite the fact that the two people have also canceled the parking ticket for 29 times in total. In the court they also said that they had no intention of paying a fine with a single point of "each other's twin brothers were on board and not myself".

Because the two are identical twins, it is difficult to punish because it is impossible to obtain physical evidence as to whether Harold or Michael was driving when you turned off the parking ticket, and the police also hand It seems to be onerous.

A police spokesperson said, "It is very frustrating.When we stop the parking ticket, we know what will happen next and that they will never pay a fine, but there is nothing we can do It seems that she shows her anger revealed as "nothing".

By the way, the image at the top is the image image, not the picture of Harold Michael himself.

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