A man who bought back a car and proved innocence after being caught by a speed breach

A man who had a speed violation on a highway took back the car he sold to his friend, measured its performance and proved that he could not reach the recorded speed despite the maximum speed. It seems that a man was on a car that was used for 14 years and he could not do much speed.

Details are as below.
Motorist beats 98 mph speeding charge - by buying back his car and proving it can only manage a top speed of 85 mph | Mail Online

The 21-year-old Dale Lyle was on board the Honda'sCivic. It was recorded that the speed camera was running at about 157 km / h, it was said that a fine of 1000 pounds (about 120,000 yen) and a driving prohibition order for 6 months came out.

Dale thought that it had not brought the speed up to that point, he bought back the Civic sold to a friend at 600 pounds (about 70,000 yen) and measured the maximum speed at the circuit in Bedfordshire. The maximum speed that Mr. Dale's Civic was able to issue was about 137 km / h.

Dale used the bank loan to buy back the Civic.

Measurement results at the circuit. It seems that 600 pounds have been spent on a specialized driver for measurement.

Next, Mr. Dale got the image of the speed camera and saw it. As a result, there were three cars in addition to Mr. Dale's Civic on the three-lane highway. The lawsuit was withdrawn because I made a mistake with another car, and finally Dale seemed to be able to prove innocence.

"I could not believe it at all when a speed breach came, I never ran over the speed limit rather than 157 km / h," Dale said and used it to prove innocence It is planned to offer compensation for expenses.

Police said "We have concluded that there is not enough evidence, compensation is a matter between the accused and the courtroom."

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