Volvo engine equipped tractor "Terror" deciding sudden acceleration and accelerator turn

It is a tractor of fear named "Terror", which is equipped with a Volvo engine in a tractor with image running slowly through farm roads, making it possible to run at the speed of normal cars. It is also possible to overturn a dull image and decide an accelerator turn (steady circle turn).

Traktor racing volvo terror - YouTube

Petting is an ordinary tractor ... ...

The engine is being replaced. Currently installed areVolvo 240B21 type engine which was used in.

Give it out slowly back ... ...

The moment you start running, you will run away with a tractor at an unexpected speed.

Tracking desperately by car.

Running in grasslands gets heavily soiled up.

Although it is not uncommon for tire smoke to rise, it is horrible to say that you are doing with a tractor ......

I will repeat the girlish and accelerator turns again

Terrorn i teststadiet - YouTube

Running tests are being conducted in this movie.

I ran away at a speed still unlikely to be a tractor.

Rickard Nilsson made the tractor, Mikael Karlsson shoots. It is terrifying if such a tractor follows the highway ... ....

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