Cars that exceeded the speed of sound for the first time in the world

Two engines identical to those of the F-4 fighter (Phantom II) were loaded, and in October 1997, the world's first car that exceeded the speed of sound "Thrust SSC(Thrust SSC) ". It looks like a plane rather than a car with a totally different appearance from a car running on a national highway, but the driver also said that the pilot Andy Green of the British Air Force served.

Details are as below. The body is like this.

Thrust SSC running up smoke. We recorded 763 miles per hour (Mach 1.001).
YouTube - Thrust SSC - Fly - by (Excellent Mirage)

Driver's seat which can not be thought of as a car.
YouTube - Thrustssc goes supersonic

A movie showing the part of the engine when driving.
YouTube - Thrust SSC - World's fastest Vehicle 750 + MPH !!!

Details of specs are from the following. The total weight is 10 tons, and a control parachute is also installed.

Lux's type collection - Thrust SuperSonic Car - 1997

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