"Bloodhound SSC" aiming for the first time ever in the history of 1,600 kilometers per hour will be challenged in 2015

As of October 2014, the fastest speed in vehicles running on the ground is certified as Guinness Book by the British development team "Thrust SSCThat record1227.985 km / hsomething like. this isMach value 1.02It is converted into a vehicle that exceeded the speed of sound for the first time by humankind, but this time it is even faster1000 miles per hour(About 1609.344 kmThe project aiming to be aimed at is proceeding.

BBC News - Bloodhound Diary: Putting it all together

The fastest speed on the ground at the time of article creationThrust SSC(SUperSOnicCAr: supersonic vehicle). It has two Rolls-Royce jet engines installed in fighter planes, and although it looks like an airplane or rocket, it is classified as "automobile" because the tire is in contact with the ground.

Thrust SSC running while raising sand smoke. It was certified that it passed the sound speed barrier for the first time in a run carried out in Black Rock Desert in Nevada State, USA on October 15, 1997. Driver is served by former British Air Force pilot Andy Green. In addition, if you dare compute fuel consumption, the mileage per liter of fuel is only 18 meters.

In order to reach 1000 miles per hour (about 1609.344 km) which could not be reached even with such a thrust SSC,Bloodhound SSCThe development of "is progressing. The state of the car body which is outrageous appearance can be confirmed also on the development team's site.


Here is the completed image of Bloodhound SSC where development will proceed. The car body stretched thin from a sharp and sharp nose part is completely different from thrust SSC. An air intake for taking in air is arranged at the top of the car body, and a tail wing is placed behind it. Its appearance is F1 machine or fighter without wings.

The total length of the vehicle is 13.470 meters, the total height is 3 meters, and the weight of the car when it is fully loaded with fuel reaches 7786 kg.

The internal structure looks like this. The driver sits behind the nose on the right side of the image, behind which the two cylindrical engine "EJ 200 jet engine" and "hybrid rocket engine" are laid out one above the other.

Engine part layout. At the top is a jet engine mounted on the fighter "Euro Fighter Typhoon"Eurojet EJ 200"Is used to accelerate the initial stage. And the "hybrid rocket engine" to be placed there undergoes a mechanism to accelerate the car body at a stretch to 1600 km / h.

This seat is the driver's workplace that steers such a monster like a fuselage. Because it was considered supersonic driving, it is just like a fighter cockpit. Furthermore, it is the schedule of Andy · Green same as thrust SSC to steer this car body.

In the image movie that Bloodhound SSC runs, it explains what kind of mechanism actually challenges to record.

The 1,000 mph Car, Inside Bloodhound SSC - Guinness World Records

Fuel tank is mounted behind the driver.

Behind it is a Cosworth V8 engine. It is a racing engine with a maximum engine speed of 18,000 rpm and about 800 horsepower, but this is a surprise as it is used as a pump to pump fuel to the rocket engine rather than power.

And a hybrid rocket engine that is the key to achieving record.

Solid fuel is filled inside.

The burning temperature reaches 3000 degrees.

When challenging the record, the driver fully protects with a helmet and of course.

The character "STAGE 1 ROCKET" was displayed on the display. First of all, I will perform initial acceleration with the first engine.

It accelerates fiercely while exhaling flames from the upper engine.

What kind of sight is there in the field of view of the driver?

Then the character "STAGE 2 ROCKET" was displayed on the display.

Here, Cosworth made 800 horsepower V8 engine gives a beat.

Fuel for reacting with the solid fuel of the rocket and causing combustion is sent in a stroke. Fuel to be loaded is 400 liters of jet fuel and 800 liters of rocket fuel.

The solid fuel burns and Bloodhound SSC aims at breakthrough 1000 mph (about 1600 km) at a time while blowing 3000 degrees of flame.

The best "fastest challenge" ever using this vehicle will be carried out in the desert area of ​​South Africa in 2015 and 2016. For the challenge, this place was chosen because we needed a large flat ground of 18 km in length and 1.5 km in width.

On the project website, we are looking for a member of supporter club "1K Club" for challenge. If you apply for a bronze member of 20 pounds (about 3500 yen) or a gold member of 75 pounds (about 13,000 yen), you can get a chance to receive a dedicated newsletter or be invited to the actual challenge site It has become like.

1k Club Membership | BLOODHOUND SSC

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