Fiber cable realizing the world's highest data transmission rate of 255 Tbps can transfer 1 TB of data in only 31 ms

DutchEindhoven University of Technology,America'sUniversity of Central FloridaandTianjin University in ChinaThe research team composed of engineers has achieved the world's fastest optical fiber cable with 255 terabits per second and has the potential to replace existing fiber optic cables.

Ultra-high-density spatial division multiplexing with a few-mode multicore fiber: Nature Photonics: Nature Publishing Group

255 Tbps: World's fastest network may carry all of the internet's traffic on a single fiber | ExtremeTech

255 terabits per second is equivalent to 32 terabytes per second, it is possible to transfer 1 GB files at 31.25 μs and 31 ms if data stored on 1 TB hard disk. In addition, 255 terabits per second is said to be superior to the total transmission capacity of over 100 cables laid in the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition, you can see that it is 255 terabits per second that it is tremendously faster than existing ones, with one optical fiber covering the same or more than the total Internet traffic at peak times. How did you develop the world's fastest fiber cable in a whirlwind style, the secret was in multi-core fiber.

ByJoe Penniston

The popular optical fiber has only one core which is the path of lightSingle core fiberIt is used. One optical fiber cable transmits an optical signal of a plurality of different wavelengths "Optical wavelength multiplex communication(WDM) "can greatly increase the transmission capacity, but there are still limitations.

A multi-core fiber is made up of a plurality of cores, and the transmission capacity can be made larger than that of a single core. The joint research team used Few-mode multicore fiber which gathered seven cores in the cable. The joint research team used multicore fiber composed of 50 carriers,Space division multiplexing technologyIt achieves 5.1 terabits per carrier and achieves 255 terabits per second with a single multi-core fiber.

The length of multicore fiber that enabled 255 terabits per second is about 1 km. Considering the fact that the world's fastest is realized but it takes much work and time to replace the popular single-core fiber, and new hardware and routing that is compatible with multi-core connection is required, 255 Tbps It will be still a long way to realize.

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