Belgian men riding the Lamborghini Gallardo record the world fastest as blind

Belgian Luc Costermans (43 years old)Lamborghini GallardoIt seems he got off the speed of 192 miles per hour (308.78 km / h) on a ride.

This is a world new record as a blind driver.

Details are as below.
BBC NEWS | Europe | Blind Belgian breaks speed record

Mr. Costermans operated the Lamborghini Gallardo in Istol near Marseille in the south of France and recorded 192 miles per hour (308.78 km / h). This was three years ago by Mr. Mike Newman of the UKBMW M5It is over 268 kilometers per hour recorded, and it seems to be the fastest new record in the world as a blind driver.

Mr. Costermans became blind in the accident four years ago. Two years ago I had a successful flight to France with a light plane and I have suffered from obstacles since I was accidentally accidentally at this former F1 driverPhilippe StreifIt is to devote to Mr..

The state of running is here.

YouTube - Record du monde de vitesse avec GT DRIVE

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