The fastest bicycle in the world that can deliver 132 kilometers per hour

This year, it seems that the world fastest bicycle record has been updated. This record is the world record update for the first time in 6 years. People who bicycle are also superhuman, but the shape of the bicycle is also unique, and you do not see the bicycle running as you do not know anything.

When I look at the actual running movie, I can not imagine the speed with which people can pedal out at a speed that I can not think of as a bicycle.

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World's Fastest Cyclist Hits 82.3 MPH | Autopia from

Sam Whittingham wrote the bike. Mr. Whittingham made a speed of 82.3 mph (132.5 kilometers per hour) as a bicycle, and seems to have updated the world new record. This record is the World Human Powered Speed ​​Challenge, it is the first time in 6 years since I released 81.02 mph (130.4 kilometers per hour) which is the record he owns.

Georgi Georgiev designed the bicycle. He designed a bicycle where Mr. Whittingham was riding even when I got a world record six years ago, and this time it seems that I also aimed for a world record with the same member. The name of the bicycle designed this time was named "Varna Diablo III". It's not like a typical sitting and hanging type, it's like a bicycle that sleeps and pedals.

This is "Varna Diablo III". At first glance it does not look like a bicycle.

Mr. Sam Whittingham on the right, Georgi Georgiev on the left.

There is a movie running below.
YouTube - Sam Whittingham 2008 World's Fastest Bicycle 82.33 mph!

This is a movie that understands Mr. Sam Whittingham from inside.
YouTube - Sam Whittingham's 2008 world record run

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