The world's heaviest bicycle 'Kleine Johanna' with a weight of about 2 tons, a total length of 5 m and a height of 2 m appears

Mr. Sebastian Beutler, who lives in Köthen city in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, has become a hot topic as he made the world's heaviest bicycle ' Kleine Johanna '.

The Heaviest Bicycle In The World Is An Impressive 4800 Lb

You can see what kind of bicycle Kleine Johanna is in the following movie.


This is the Kleine Johanna, the heaviest bicycle in the world. It was unveiled for the first time at the bike show 'Cycling World' in Düsseldorf. It weighs 4800 pounds (about 2117 kg), has a total length of 17 feet (about 5.2 m), and a height of 7 feet (about 2.1 m).

A tire likely to be mounted on a huge truck or heavy equipment.

It is Mr. Boytler, the producer, who steers. The production time was about 2500 hours, and it seems that it was completed over three years.

Mr. Boitler starts pedaling.

Then, Kleine Johanna starts running slowly. The speed is slightly slower than a human walking.

There is no mechanism such as an electric motor, and a cam is attached to the shaft of the pedal and a chain is wound.

The insanely huge tire is driven by a chain that properly conveys the rotation of the pedal. It seems that the engine is also installed, but it is not incorporated in the drive system, it is for generating electricity and charging the mobile phone.

Under the saddle is a gearbox for trucks. It has 35 forward gears and 7 reverse gears.

As expected, the speed is slow and it is difficult to stand on its own, so two tires are installed on the left side as training wheels. Therefore, a two-wheeled vehicle is a delicate place.

The handle is not a bar handle like a typical bicycle, but a round handle that turns round and round. Gear change seems to be done with a lever on the left side of the saddle. Mr. Boitler commented that he would like to travel 241 miles (about 390 km) to the Baltic Sea with Kleine Johanna, but it seems that it will take about a month to reach the Baltic Sea safely.

According to Guinness World Records, which summarizes the world's best records, at the time of writing the article, ``the heaviest bicycle in the world that can be ridden'' was a Lithuanian bicycle certified in 2016, weighing 1385 kg. Kleine Johanna is about 800 kg heavier, so it can definitely be said to be the heaviest bicycle in the world, but at the time of writing the article, it should be noted that Kleine Johanna was not officially certified as the world's heaviest bicycle.

Heaviest rideable bicycle | Guinness World Records

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