F1 machine vs bike vs motorboat, IndyCar vs fighter movie

beforeA movie competing with motorcycles and cars and jet a movieWe picked up, but this time it is the 400 m showdown of F1 machine, motorcycle and motorcycle, then the confrontation between Indy car and jet aircraft. Which one is the fastest?

First from the F1vs bike vs boat.

F1 vs Bike vs Boat - YouTube

At first, since the F1 machine failed to start, we redoed it, and after that there was an accident that the motorcycle will be Willie, but again the fastest was F1 machine.

All of these machines are provided by Honda, and the driver of Formula 1 machine is the active driverJenson Button, Steve Curtis boat is world champion and world fastest record, motorcycle is British super bike rider,Michael LutherHe is in charge. Baton will decide the accelerator turn as a proof of victory.

By the way, the F1 machine is 350 km / h as fast as possible, so it is natural to say the result is good, but the bike can also get up to 310 km / h, and the boat also reached an unusual 120 km / h in the water at this time.

The game is said to have been held in August 2004, the week before the F1 Belgium GP was held.

Honda | F1 | 14th round Belgian Grand Prix

And the IndyCar vs Jet is here.

F1 Race Car vs. F-14 Fighter Jet - YouTube

Indy car is overwhelming from the beginning. It may be delayed because the jet plane still has run-up to fly. YouTube's "F1 machine andF-14Although it says "confrontation with a fighter aircraft", in fact it is Indy car and Canada Air Force ·CF-18It seems to be a confrontation with a fighter plane.

Michael Schumacher is the F1 machine of FerrariEuro Fighter TyphoonI confront with that.

Ferrari f1 vs Jet ... Michael Schumacher Vs Eurofighter - YouTube

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