Brazilian Grand Prix of the F1 World Championship final race of 2008 ended, World champion decided

At the Australian Grand Prix on March 16 the 2008 F1 World Championships began curtain but the Brazilian Grand Prix was held last November 3, Japan time finally, the world champion was decided.

Until midfield there were four drivers champions battle and Luis Hamilton and Felipe Massa left the championship possibilities until the final race, but the result of the race and the world champion battle What happened?

Details are as below.

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Brazilian Grand Prix was overFelipe · Massa. However, Hamilton ranked fifth as a result of tangle until the last lap, the world champion's crown is one point differenceLewis HamiltonIt shone above the head of.

Luis Hamilton who became the world champion of 2008.

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On the 16th of the F1 world championships in 2008, the Australian Grand Prix won the victory and began curtain. This year this Lewis Hamilton and last year's world championKimi Raikkonen, Raikkonen's teammate "SchumacherFelipe Massa called the last disciple, playing a big crash at the Canadian Grand Prix in 2007 was miraculously revived with minor injuriesRobert KubicaFour people in the season to challenge the champion.

Among them, Raikkonen fought like the World Champion last year, such as winning the two Grand Prix at the beginning, but dropped out of the champions' battle as a result of ending in 4 consecutive no points near the end of the session.

Kubica was steadily awarded points and repeated points, but the number of victories ceased only once, and it finally became one fight with Hamilton and Massa.

Hamilton had 94 points for Massa and 87 points for Massa, who was at the top of the stage before the Brazilian Grand Prix started. If Hamilton is over 5, world champion will decide but Massa's acquisition conditions against somewhat complicated but if he wins and Hamilton is less than 6th, himself is second and Hamilton is less than eighth It was in a state that it was not good.

A heavy rain started before the race started, the start was delayed ten minutes, and at the opening lap, the retirement as long as this season has been announcedDavid CoulthardIt was the beginning of the turbulence of retiring with Nelson · Piquet Jr. Massa took the lead over the race and Hamilton became a development of incandescence that goes back and forth around 5th place. Massa won in a stable run. Hamilton traveled 5th in the final stageSebastian VettelIt was chased by, it was brought to sixth place after two laps of rest, and I was being hit by a nightmare that I miss the world champion with 1 point difference after last year, but in the last lapTimo GlockWe got to fifth place with the exchange, and became the youngest world champion of a wishful desire.

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It is Vettel of the Scuderia Toro Rosso whatever it took notice in this season other than the champions battle. Although he is receiving an engine supply from Ferrari, he fought boldly on a machine with obviously inferior fighting power compared with the team such as Ferrari and McLaren, updated the youngest pole position record in Italian GP, ​​and even pole to win in the race I decided to set the record for my youngest winner. Next year I will decide to become Red Bull Racing's driver, Toro Rosso's main team, in place of Coulthard to retire.

In addition, the Super Aguri F1 Team, which was advocating the "pure Japan team", sometimes withdrew from the Spanish Grand Prix at the end of the game due to fund shortage.

I am looking forward to what kind of drama will be held next year.

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