The unattended refueling ship is discarded and a movie with a trail of light

Supply supplies etc. to the International Space StationEuropean Supply Machine (ATV)A movie capturing the appearance of "Jules Verne" finishing its role and being dismantled and discarded.

Jules Verne moved the orbit changing engine, entered the earth, began to break at about 75 km above the ground, the final glow is a fantastic beauty.

Details are as below.
An ATV that rides 582 pounds (260 kg) of waste water and 1800 pounds (about 816 kg) of waste onto the earth.
YouTube - ESA Jules Verne ATV Re-entry Breakup

Spaceflight Now | Breaking News | Europe's station resupply ship concludes mission

Jules Verne had transported more than 10,000 pounds (about 4,500 kg) of goods from the beginning of April 2008 in five months. Four additional ATV operations are planned by 2015 and the next ATV is scheduled to be launched in 2010.

On NASA's official website, you can see high resolution photos.
NASA - Re-entry Breakup of Jules Verne Automated Transfer Vehicle Captured

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